Cabins have been used as retreats for many decades now. When discussing cabins, most people often draw up an image of a small four-walled hut made from the logs cut down from trees. However, while such cabins do exist, modern cabins are quite different. In fact, in many parts of the UK, more and more people are installing such cabins on their properties as a sort of extension. It’s designed to add new features to the property and fill up empty space on your land. You can use the cabins in a variety of different ways, especially because they are so versatile. If you are thinking that a cabin is a simple four-walled structure made of wood with no features whatsoever, you are very wrong. In fact, modern cabins come equipped with a litany of different features. Here are some of the key ones that you should know about.

Electrical Power

You might be surprised to know that modern log cabins can now provide electrical power as well. There’s a dedicated wiring system running underneath that can be plugged into conventional electrical outlets to provide electrical power. There are sockets that you can use to charge your electronic devices as well as install electric bulbs and other lighting devices in the cabin as well.

These are highly sophisticated, pre-assembled cabins that are made with a lot of care and precision. You have the option of providing the dimensions for the cabin and the company will manufacture it according to your requirements. You can measure the space or let the company’s trained employees do the job for you. Once you have placed the order, the cabin will be fabricated and shipped in an assembly kit that will be set up on site. You don’t have to do a thing if you don’t want to. The company will also send over a team to assemble and install the cabin for you.


It might surprise you to know that there is a complex plumbing system in these cabins as well. You can choose cabins that have separate bedrooms with attached bathrooms as well. There’s also a complete guttering system underneath the roof to ensure that the water doesn’t fall on either side of the property in case of rain. Needless to say, these cabins are fully treated to ensure that they don’t get damaged so easily against environmental elements. These cabins don’t require a whole lot of maintenance throughout the course of the year; you just have to carry out minimal repair work over the seasons to ensure that the cabin doesn’t get damaged during the harsh winter or summer months.

A Variety of Designs

Since these cabins are pre-fabricated, you have the option of choosing the kind of cabin that you want. There are plenty of different designs available so you can discuss your needs with the company and then make a selection. It’s an ideal choice for people who would prefer a separate space, either for their children or elders in the family.