You may not have considered your basement as a means to expand your living space before.  However, it is becoming an increasingly popular choice.  In many cases the basement is as big as the lower floor of your home.  Although this will need to be verified as you may have head room issues.  Unfortunately, if you are lacking in height in your basement the only real solution is to lower the floor.  This is not a procedure you should undertake yourself as it can affect the stability of your home.  

Assuming the space is available then a firm specializing in finished basements can transform yours and generate an impressive amount of extra space for you; with minimal hassle.  In the greater Toronto area you will find Dynamic Basement Renovations who have years of experience and will be happy to assist you with your project.

There are several exceptionally good reasons why you can use this firm to assist you:

Price Matching

Whilst it is always a good idea to get several quotes in, you know that a finished basements firm with a price guarantee is going to be difficult to beat!  They will match any quote you have received; provided it has been quoted on the same basis as theirs.  You can even upload a competitor’s quote to their website!


Knowledge, experience and qualifications are all essential ingredients to ensure your finished basements project goes to plan and produces the effect you are hoping for.  An additional benefit regarding this level of experience is that they will be able to suggest tweaks to your designs to ensure the space really works for you and your family.


It can be very difficult to know where to start with a finished basements project.  The space will probably look nothing like what you would want it to.  This can make it almost impossible to visualize; which, in turn will make it difficult to decide what the right use for the space is.  Fortunately a professional basement renovations firm is used to this and can guide you through the process when you have your free consultation.

Not only will they guide you through the process but they will also help you to visualize the space as it could be.  It is likely that they will use a graphics package to assist with this!

After the consultation you will receive a free quote and you can even have a follow up visit to discuss the best option.


It is not always possible to have the funds available for a big project such as a finished basements one.  The firm is, therefore, capable of guiding you through the different finance options which can be used to make your dream a reality.  There is an option to suit everyone and you can even discuss reducing the cost by doing some of the manual labor yourself.

A good firm will assist you in finding ways to afford the project and improving the value and comfort of your own home.