A fabulous looking fireplace not only is a stunning feature to behold but can add to the value and appearance of your home in a major way. Of course the simplest path to fireplace success is by installing new fireplace tiles.  Here are the basics to get you started.


The fireplace is one spot that not all types of tiles are designed to handle.  It’s just too extreme.  Tiles for fireplace use need to be able to deal with very high temperatures for extended periods of time without breaking.  One thing homeowners often don’t realize is that the tiles also have to be able to cope with going from a relatively cool temperature to one that is extremely hot.  Luckily there are many natural and manmade options that work exceptionally well both as hearth and fireplace surround tiles.

Choices Abound

The material you pick really depends on your preference and the look you’re going for.  Ceramic tiles are a basic choice that won’t cost you too much and are easy to find.  Tiles made from porcelain are denser and tougher than ceramic but will cost more.  Natural stone fireplace tiles are always gorgeous and many are perfectly suited for the high heat environment.  Most will also work not only on the surround but as fireplace hearth tiles as well.  Marble and granite are two fantastic examples both of which can be used for adding elegance to a space. Slate fireplace tiles are famous for their looks too, and could be your best bet if you prefer something a little more rustic.


Antique options never go out of style, and in recent years have been just as popular as ever.  Vintage fireplace tiles are typically installed on the surround where you will only require a few in total.  This fact can often allow homeowners who are on a budget to purchase authentic tiles.  However if you would like to save cash and aren’t too concerned with having the real thing there are many reproduction fireplace tiles you buy as well. Both authentic tiles and copies can be found in Victorian, Edwardian, and Art Deco styles to name a few.

After reading up on the basics like you just have it’s easy for anyone to see just how many outstanding choices you have for fireplace tile.  From stone to replica antique tiles there are options to make everyone’s project a success including yours.

For your complete guide to fireplace tiles including photos, and tips from the professionals be sure to read more here !


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