If operating a greener home is important to you, one way to help the environment and reduce your operating costs is to choose double-glazed windows for your home. Having two panes of glass separated by an inert gas allows for fewer draughts so the temperature in your home stays consistent. Here are five benefits of installing double-glazed windows in your home.

Reduce Carbon Emissions

Emissions from CO2 are the main cause of ozone layer deterioration, which is responsible for making the Earth hotter. Fortunately, by choosing double-glazed windows for a newly-constructed home or to replace your old windows, you can reduce carbon emissions. The government wants everyone to do his or her part to protect the planet and reducing your carbon footprint with double-glazed windows is a good start.

Improves Star Rating

When double-glazed windows are installed on a house, they can improve its energy efficiency, which is expressed as a star rating. Since there will be fewer air leaks from the sealed windows, your home will be more comfortable throughout the year. Since you don’t need to increase the heat in the winter or lower the air in the summer, temperatures stay consistent. This allows your HVAC system to use less energy and reduces the wear on the system.

Reduces Energy Costs

Along with reducing the wear on the heating and air conditioning system, having a more efficient home will reduce your energy costs. When there are draughts from leaking windows, hot or cold air will change the temperature in the house and trigger the heat or air to come on.

When the system turns off and on throughout the day, it uses more energy and increases your costs. With double-glazed windows, there won’t be air leaks, your home will be comfortable, and operating costs will be reduced.

Increases Home Value

When the efficiency of a house is improved by installing the best double-glazed windows on the market, the value of the house increases. A report by the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows that an increase of energy efficiency by as little as .05% can increase home prices by 1.2%.

So, if you spent $10,000 to install double-glazed windows on a $500,000 home, its value will increase by 2.4% (which represents a 1% increase in energy efficiency) and that would mean that the price would increase by $12,000. The increase in value would pay for the installation of the windows.

Eliminates Condensation

Double-glazed windows eliminate condensation, which can damage window frames and lead to mould or mildew in the material around the frames. Condensation occurs when the cold outside air presses against warmed glass. However, with two layers of glass separated by a gas, the cold air and warm glass never meet so condensation does not occur.

Although double-glazed windows are more expensive than single-paned windows, they pay for themselves through reduced energy bills and increases in the value of your home. They also help reduce the wear on your HVAC system so it will last longer and help save money by lowering repair costs.