When searching for the best company for your roofing needs, it is imperative that you ask the right questions about each option that you consider. This will not only protect you from receiving repairs from an untrained or uncertified worker but it will also offer peace of mind in the knowledge that your services are performed by experts. Hiring a roofer may seem complex but you can expedite the process by starting off with four simple questions.

The Address

The act of hiring roofers in Harrogate is made easier when you first ensure the company hired has a real business name and address. It may sound odd that you should ask for the full company name and a physical address but a company without a physical location is cause for some concern and should not be taken lightly. Search instead for reputable, long-established companies in Harrogate with a sizable list of satisfied clients.


Roofing contractors who take their profession and safety seriously will come equipped with reliable insurance designed to protect your property and interests throughout the project. This will ensure that any mistakes made or injuries incurred during the project are not something for which you may find yourself liable. If you allow just anyone to do work on your property and then end up with more damage than in the beginning, you may find yourself footing the bill if you do not have insurance in place.


These and the men and women hired by the contractor to perform some of the work during a project and it is important to ask whether you should expect subcontractors to arrive and work with your primary contractor. Not only will this reduce any confusion but you should ask the same questions of the subcontractor, particularly to ensure that they are also insured. Not all companies hire subcontractors and prefer to train a team of employees to perform all aspects of the work so you must remember to ask from the start.


A reliable and reputable company will provide you with workers who are certified and qualified for the job without exception and you need to have such peace of mind at all times. It may be that you are required per the contract of your homeowner’s insurance to hire someone qualified for any project and breaching said contract could invalidate your policy and leave you with the bill. In the case that your insurance company is covering the cost of roofing, it is important that you choose quality and professionalism for the team hired to work on your property.


The men and women who provide roofing services understand how to handle even the most complex of tasks without losing a single second of your time. The training and experience gained from years of hands-on work will also increase the process, allowing the professionals working on your property to get the work done at twice the speed. What you may be able to do in a week or longer, you can see happen dramatically sooner with the help of the right company.