If your driveway has been become an eyesore, then you may want repave it or have it replaced. While older driveways were paved with concrete or asphalt, there are now many more materials to choose from. Here are some of the material options from which you can choose for replacing your drive.

Block Pavers

Replacing an old drive with pavers is one of the most popular options in the UK. Pavers not only look good but they are durable so they will last a long time if they are installed correctly. Block pavers come in a wide variety of block sizes, colours, and styles for homeowners.

Imprinted Concrete

Concrete is still a popular driveway material and with imprinted concrete, your drive can have a more colourful and stylish appearance. Imprinted concrete is very strong; it holds up well under heavy weights and it requires very little maintenance. Imprinted concrete comes in many colour options and patterns that can make your drive look as if it is paved with bricks or stone.

Resin Drives

Bound or bonded resin driveways are very durable and require little maintenance. Both resin styles are available in several colours and patterns, which allows homeowners to customise their drives. Companies who do paving and driveways in Cannock mix resin with small stones and trowel the mixture to produce a smooth texture for a bound resin drive or they lay resin on the ground and pour small stones over it for bonded resin drives.

Gravel Drives

Gravel is another popular driveway option because it not only looks nice when properly laid but gravel is inexpensive. Gravel drives do not require repairs and the stones are available in several colours. However, they require the most upkeep to remain looking nice.

A company offering bespoke driveway options can help you decide which material is best for your home’s driveway.