Adding a gazebo to your property is a dream come true for many homeowners.  And with features that are made to keep you as cool as possible while adding maximum beauty to your space it’s no wonder.

Portable Is An Option

Many homeowners don’t realize that they have the option of purchasing a structure which can be moved at their will.  A portable gazebo can be put together or taken down in minutes and costs only a fraction of the price of a permanent one.  These are a popular way to go for events that will be hosted at home and some companies even offer them for rent.

Classic Wood

Nothing says classic like a charming wooden gazebo.  This variety is of course not portable but meant to be installed in one place.  With sturdy wooden beams this is one choice that will be able to withstand the rain, snow, wind, and brutal UV rays.  There are actually quite a few different woods you can pick from and all of them have their own look and benefits such as redwood and pine.

DIY Designs

While the majority of us do not have the skills to build our own gazebos, there are some tradesman and expert DIY enthusiasts who can.  Being able to sit and relax in one knowing that it was made by you is a feeling that cannot be replicated.  For individuals who are looking to complete a project like this there are many gazebo plans available in both books and on the internet that can be used to create top-notch results.

Everything Included

For the rest of us who aren’t highly skilled there is another option.  Gazebo kits come with everything you need to put your unit together all in one box. And best of all you don’t have to have had any experience in order to do so.  If you have a few tools and a friend to help you most can be put together in a few hours. From vinyl to wood manufactures offer a lot of choices with kits.  An extra bonus of choosing a kit is that more often than not they will offer the best deals and prices so they shouldn’t be overlooked.

These are just some of the wonderful options available for homeowners today.  Gazebos come in many shapes, sizes, colors, and materials making them easy to fall in love with and enjoy for years to come!

For your complete guide including photos of each type and tips from the pros be sure to read:


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