There are often differences in quilt sizes and you might not even realize that is not the size you want until your home and it just isn’t the right size. The difference in queen size quilt covers and king quilt covers is normally narrower with the length often the same. The short-drop queen-size quilt runs 86 inches wide and 93 inches long with the king quilt covers.

Variations in size

 There may be slight variations in these sizes depending on the manufacturer. Quilt designers do not always keep to these sizes when creating their patterns. These are the standards used by bedding manufactures that adhere to more specific sizes. Actually the size of the quilt depends on the exact look that an individual wants on their bed and it is usually suggested to add 6 to 8 inches to every side and to the length of the quilt after taking bed measurements. There are many people who will get a king quilt for a queen size bed because it has move length for the size and will still have the same length.

Measure before shopping

 What you need to do before going shopping for the quilt cover for your bed is take the measurement of the width and length you want the quilt cover to be. That is the only way you will get the size you want. If you are not happy with the fit of the quilt on your bed, nothing will ever look right to you in that room no matter what you do.

Wrong size

 You will end up spending money for matching bed linens and other accessories and that bed will still never look right to you. You will probably never have a decent night’s sleep in that bedroom because you don’t have the right size quilt cover.