There is nothing worse than having no space in your home and garden. Everywhere you go cupboards and shelves are full to the brim, with bits and pieces falling out when you want to find something. Why not organise your life and get the entire house including the garden in order and feel good about having a place for everything. Here we look at some easy ways to have a rubbish clearance.

Start to arrange one room at a time

Spend some time going through one room at a time. Separate into piles of rubbish to throw away and items you don’t want anymore. If you have a wardrobe or sofa that is falling to bits, you have two choices have it fixed or hire a professional clearance company for a waste removal service. If you feel like turning your hand to some do it yourself you could look on the internet and research how to fix these problems. Sometimes they are not as bad as you think. There are many money saving sites that have innovative ideas to revamp old and worn out furniture.

For smaller rubbish removal jobs try these ideas

If you have broken glass, card, paper, plastic there are plenty of skips located in car parks to dispose of the rubbish. Get rid of a little at a time. These are easy to use, when you are at the supermarket just drop off your bags of old junk and it the professional waste disposal services will take it away. Remember to keep the bags you use and reuse them the next time you visit the skips. This is a easy solution to getting rid of small amounts of recycling waste without costing you a penny.

How to get rid of discarded rubbish

It is possible that you have a lot of things that you do not use. This is a predicament because you it is probably taking up valuable space, but you are unsure how to deal with the clearance of it. Whatever it is you could give it away or try to sell it. You do need to make sure it is in a reasonable state, especially if you are selling it. If something needs repairing then you may know someone that likes tackling a problem and give it away, if not dump it at the local tip. It isn’t worth saving things that are broken and no one else wants it.

Dealing with selling your redundant items

You could hold a garage sale, yard sale or attend a nearby car boot sale. These are good for selling ornaments, books, clothes, shoes, toys, garden things or practically anything. What you see as unneeded someone out there might need it. Appliances and furniture could be sold through advertising locally in newspapers. This means that someone can call and take a look at the condition of the item. You may need to barter with the price but if you have had it for a time then some money off it is better than none at all.

Giving can be rewarding

If you do not want the hassle of selling why not either ask family or friends if any of your unwanted items are useful to them. If not contact local charities, church halls, schools and playschools if they want your unwanted bric a brac. Giving away your old things can make you feel good about yourself. You can be content that you have helped contribute to a needy cause and helped someone less fortunate rather than simply have a waste removal service that costs you.


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