Sure you want a more functional kitchen; everybody does. But you want one that looks nice too. You want form and function in equal measures, and you can have it, too. A wealth of kitchen configurations allows you to put your personal stamp on the design and make the most of the most-used room in the house.

 Granite Tops the List

Countertops design have come a long way since the days of Formica, although in some applications, Formica is “in” again. Today you can choose from a variety of materials in several colors, thicknesses, and cuts. Butcher-block can lend a more casual feel to the kitchen, while some prefer trending metals such as polished steel or copper. However, it’s granite that comes out on top and way ahead of other materials in use and preference.

Trending Design Ideas

 Some trending countertops design to consider for your remodeling project includes:

  • Thick slabs: Consider adding a few inches to the normal, two-inch slab for an elegant look that opens up the edges of the countertop and makes them part of the overall design. It looks great and helps tie in the floor and cabinets, too.
  • Thin is In, Too: While some love the thicker slabs, thinner slabs can help pull together a more “minimalist” look.
  • Wrapped countertops: A great way to show off your beautiful granite is by “wrapping” it around the sides of an island or down each end of built-in cabinets. This gives the entire kitchen a well-finished look. Make this look pop when you contrast the countertop material with other kitchen pieces.
  • Two-Tones: Another new trend is the two-tone look, which uses two different countertop materials or colors. If you have an island, you can really make it distinctive with a more colorful pattern or tone that contrasts nicely with the other countertop.
  • Curves: For those who have an island with an extended bar and stools on one side, consider adding a curved edge on the outer side. This provides an interesting modern accent that draws the eye into your stylish new kitchen.

Colorful Choices

 Today’s homeowners can find granite in a range of colors, from lively blues and multi-colored browns to deep blacks and dark reds, even a speckled white. There’s something for everyone’s taste and everyone’s kitchen. Sourced from all over the world, the granite is usually fabricated into one big slab that measures 10 feet in length.

After careful measurements of your cabinets, the granite is cut to size and polished, then sealed. Although not entirely necessary, most granite is sealed due to its porous nature, which is more easily stained. The sealing is generally good for the next 10 years or a few more. Tip for cleaning: Use only non-abrasive cleaners on the surface to protect both the seal and the stone.


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