Having a greenhouse is a great way of being able to grow things in the comfort of your own home. Whilst allotments are great, and if big enough you can even have a greenhouse in your allotment, there’s nothing quite as nice as having your own greenhouse, in your garden, simply steps away whenever you want to move onto your next project. Greenhouses are a house for growing items such as fruit, vegetables, flowers, plants and so on. Having a greenhouse is the perfect way of being able to grow certain items all year round and as long as you follow certain rules, you’ll have so much fun being able to get carried away growing all kinds of wonderful bits and pieces. As mentioned, there are a few things to consider both in the initial stages and throughout your planting periods.

The very first thing to consider when it comes to greenhouses is the position in which you are going to place it. You need to take into consideration the sun, where you’re going to benefit most from having your greenhouse, and how much shade it will get as well. In order to grow the perfect items, you need to have a sufficient amount of sunlight shining on your greenhouse, therefore selecting a spot that is less shaded is perfect! You can rest assured that the plants won’t wither, as they’ll still receive the right amount of shade once the day goes by. Practicality for yourself is also key, as you don’t want to place your greenhouse at the very back of your garden, tucked into a corner. You need to be able to access your greenhouse with ease, this way it will help when it comes to maintaining and checking in on whatever you have growing.

When it comes to choosing which items to grow in your greenhouse, there are also a few things to think about. The time of year, or season, is really important, as some plants, fruit and veg grow best at certain times of the year. There are however, many plants that thrive all year round, and those are the ones you can really practice your gardening skills on, as they’re easier to maintain. If you feel that you are unsure on what to grow in your greenhouse, start by thinking about what you like. If you’re opting to grow fruit or vegetables, think about what you may use in the kitchen, something like Cucumber, Tomatoes or even Peas, as growing your own veggies won’t just save you money, but they taste divine when home grown, so you’ll notice a huge difference in your evening meals! If you feel fruit is more your kind of thing, you could grow some tasty Strawberries or even Apples, which again you can use in your everyday cooking as feel proud of what you have achieved. Seasonal plants are great for giving yourself a project, for example you can set a goal to grow an impressive Pumpkin by the Halloween period. Working towards a challenge is a great way of developing your skills and adding a little excitement.

With any produce or plants grown in a greenhouse, it’s so important to maintain them and give them plenty of attention. It’s so easy to forget and neglect something when it’s in a separate house in the garden, but in order to grow the finest you possibly can, your crops will need plenty of water, as well as the occasional trim, for any unwanted weeds or leaves that have grown their way in where they aren’t really needed. One more thing to consider is pest control, something which greenhouses need a lot of. Whilst your greenhouse will protect your plants from wildlife such as Foxes, Cats and Squirrels, you can rest assured that little insects such as spiders, slugs and other unwanted critters will creep their way in and make themselves at home. As greenhouses are warm and inviting to them, they won’t think twice, especially if they come across a tasty treat along the way! Head to your local gardening centre and find exactly what you need to prepare your greenhouse and protect it from any unwanted creatures. You don’t need to worry too much about this, however it’s best to keep an eye and reinforce anything you put in place over a period of time to ensure your plants can grow and develop to the best of their potential!


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