There have been many technological advances over the past few years, and the climate control industry has benefitted greatly, with heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems that offer unrivalled climate control. Not only does a single system give both heating and cooling solutions, it does it in a very energy efficient way, which has to be good news. HVAC has become the logical climate control solution for both domestic and commercial buildings, and with bespoke designs, ultra-efficiency can be achieved.

Online Suppliers

Wherever you happen to be in the UK, there will be online suppliers and installers of the best HVAC systems available. If you live in Sussex, for example, you couldn’t find a better company than H & D Air Conditioning who can design and build the ideal climate control system that will reduce your energy consumption. Ideally, a representative would come to your home or office and survey the premises, then they can discuss your options, and if you are happy with their proposed solution, they can commence the project.

Heat Exchange

This is the principle of an HVAC system, and with an air source heat pump, efficient heat transfer allows you to heat up or cool down an interior space, and it is even possible to fit an air to water pump that will work with your existing heating system to reduce your energy use. Air to water pumps are an effective way to boost any traditional wet central heating system and also produces hot water, while air to air is an affordable way to heat or cool the building.

Bespoke Creations

Every property is unique, and with that in mind, the climate control system should be designed specifically for that building, which is why there are tailor made solutions available. These cost effective systems are not exclusive to commercial premises, and more and more homeowners are realising the benefits of having a climate control system installed.

Solar Assistance

There is one US company that produces a solar powered system that aids any air-conditioning system by cooling the radiator, thus easing the workload of the compressor, and therefore, using less energy to perform the same task. Special solar panels are fitted onto the roof, and the energy is used to aid the climate control of the building, and if you want to know more about this new technology, there are online suppliers who can give you the benefit of their many years of hands-on experience and help you by designing the ultimate climate control system.

Significant Energy Savings

Conserving energy is something we all need to consider, and if there ways we can reduce our energy requirements, we should do what we can to ensure that future generations have the same natural beauty that we have been fortunate to inherit from our ancestors.

There are online companies that not only design and build energy saving systems, they also service traditional units and can sometimes tweak them to save energy.