It is one thing to endure the stresses and pains of moving out from your old home into a new home without having to worry about forgetting anything, or breaking a fragile item by mistake while packing your valuables. To make matters worse, you may accidentally injure yourself if you are not careful with handling items, making your move even harder. When dealing with an office move, things can get much more complicated. Not only do your own items need to be properly transferred, but so do those of your fellow workers. Adding on to this are the valuable documents and records that need to be transferred as well. If you work in an office with more than five workers, you will need to hire a professional service in order to save significant time and money on an already laborious process. You can be rest assured that trying to do it all by yourself will take much longer, and cost you far more.

What Can a Removalist Service Do for My Small-Office Team?

A removalist service is a company that specialises in the efficient removal and relocation of your furniture and belongings from your old location to a new one. Although these services are geared towards homeowners and families, in recent times companies have evolved their policies to include small-office moves. For example, Melbourne removalists in Australia are now offering business relocation services for organisations and their departments at competitive prices. They can handle IT systems, confidential files and the furniture that was originally in the old building. You will want to examine the services in your own area, and see if they offer services for business moves at prices that are within your budget.

Small-Office Move

How Do I Book a Good Removalist Service?

After ensuring that a given service can deal with a company of your size, you will want to call them and book a consultation session to get a quote on how much the move will cost. Things such as the number of pieces of furniture that have to be involved, the hours of the move, the vehicles required and the number of workers hired will all affect the end price. Although this may seem like a very pricey investment in the short term, you will waste far more time and money if you try to do all of this by yourself.

Before you hire a removalist service, you should also ensure that they have years of experience with moves of your size and dealing with similar types of information and systems. This will speed up the consultation process, and the move will be that much faster come moving day. You can save a good amount of money the sooner you book these services in advance, so make sure you don’t put this decision off until the last minute.

Finally, please note that you have the right to check everything after the move is done to ensure that things are properly moved and working as they should be. Do not allow the company to leave until you are 100% satisfied with the job that they have done.


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