Whether you are a home improvement and decorating nut or just want to shake things up in your home, you can learn a lot from the experts during your leisure time. TV time can be a time for learning.

You may be in need of some inspiration, or just need to get some ideas on how to best complete your project. There are great shows available on TV today that can keep you entertained, inspired and informed when it comes to home design.

Great home design shows to watch

  • Grand designs

This show is great for those who enjoy seeing a project from start to finish. The original UK show hosted by Kevin McCloud and the Aussie version, follow home builders from the start of their projects right to the completion. As the name suggests, the homes featured on the show are far from regular. They are interesting and often grand in design like this one.

Home Design Shows You should be watching

Kevin McCloud’s fearless and sarcastic comments make the show all the more interesting to watch.

  • Anything Sarah Beeny Does

Do you have what you think are great ideas for home improvement? Are you looking to raise the value of your home? This is the show for you.

Sarah Beeny is a successful property developer in real life. On the show, she visits home owners carrying out home improvements and tells them whether or not their ideas will actually help them make more money when selling their homes.

Learn what works and what doesn’t when trying to climb the property ladder. Sarah Beeny is wonderfully honest. She doesn’t hide the truth from the property owners, and often has some great advice to share. You can’t go wrong with this show.

  • My Dream Home

Hosted by twin brothers Jonathan and Drew Scott, this Canadian show is great for inspiration in design. The duo takes home hunters on a journey to find the perfect home. They begin by showing them a home they can’t afford, but is their dream home. They then show them another home that they can renovate into their dream home and save money doing it.

This is a great series for inspiration and information, if you’re considering building or renovating around the home. It takes viewers from the beginning to the end of the project. You can learn a few tips on how to tweak your home’s current design to achieve that dream home look.

  • Selling Houses Australia

This show is great and takes a light hearted look at home makeovers to increase real estate value. Hosted by Andrew Winter, the show features home owners seeking to sell their homes. The homeowners go through home makeovers to increase the value of their homes and sometimes, have to deal with dodgy real estate agents.

There is a lot that you can learn from great TV shows such as those mentioned above. You only need to ensure that you have the right service provider to access even more great shows. Check out the Pay per View plan here for more.


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