Elderly accommodation has always been rather limited, and this can be a stressful time after we retire and become dependent on others. There are options for those of retirement age, and they are worth considering before you make any final decisions.

Stay with immediate family

This is usually the preferred choice if circumstances allow, as we can be around our family, and they can offer assistance round the clock. If your children want to take care of you in your later years, they will need to have an annex or separate living space that is attached to the main house. Adding to the existing structure is one way to achieve this, while a modular home, or granny flat, is perhaps a more affordable option. If you are looking for prefab homes in Perth, there are established modular home suppliers who can arrange everything from initial design to final completion.

Staying with family is a good idea if,

  • You have a close network of family or friends nearby
  • Your physical and mental needs do not require a high level of care
  • There is suitable transport available
  • Your home and garden do not require an overwhelming amount of maintenance

Senior living environments

These are specifically designed for the elderly, with many facilities that an older person would require, with entertainment amenities and social activities arranged. The social aspect is emphasised, and with many people of similar age living in close proximity, the residents have a good quality of life.

This living environment is ideal if you,

  • Are able to take care of yourself on a daily basis
  • Prefer to live in an environment with low maintenance
  • Like to have a range of social activities on hand

Nursing homes

A nursing home has the highest level of care for an elderly person, outside of a hospital, and while they provide a certain level of daily assistance, there are medical facilities that are specific to caring for the elderly. Each resident would be under the responsibility of a registered physician, and a nurse would always be in attendance. There would likely be a resident physiotherapist, who is there to assist the residents at any time.

This environment is suitable for those who,

  • Have a high level of personal or medical care
  • Have just recovered from surgery
  • Plan a short period of convalescence

When evaluating your senior housing needs, you should consider the following points,

  • Level of care – While no one can predict the future, if you are aware of your needs and can anticipate them changing, you should factor this into your decision.
  • Location and accessibility – Are there medical facilities and other essential services nearby? If not, are you able to travel without too much discomfort?
  • Social support – How easy is it to visit friends and family? If you are unable to see the people you know, you may become isolated, and this can cause depression to set in.

Deciding on the right accommodation is a critical thing, even more so for elderly people, as there is more to consider.


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