If you have an interest in selling of scrap metal, you’ll be glad to know that it not only makes some great additional income, but you’re also helping out the Australian environment, through the returning of waste products for recycling.

The amount of cash, which can be generated from a truckload of scrap metal can be substantially increased by following a few simple tips.

It is not just about the type of metal which determine its worth, it’s also the grade of the metal itself and the condition it happens to be in. And, as you maybe already know, the price for scrap metal, like many other things, can quite often fluctuate, and sometimes even change throughout the course of a day.

  • To obtain the best deal on scrap metal, you should separate it and sort it out, and then try selling when the market is paying a good price. (Do some homework and check metal market trends)

Information Gathering

The easiest way to find out what a scrapyard will pay for a specific metal is as easy as giving them a call.

By habitually consulting with them on a daily or weekly basis, you will find that there are shift patterns which occur indicating the way which the metal market is moving.

Prior to selling scrap metal, you may wish to check out a couple of different scrapyards in your area. You may just find different prices being paid for scrap metal. (Even if they are across the road from each other)

Condition of Metal

One of the ways in which a metal is graded, is by its condition. You can take in a pile of aluminium and get a respectable price, but if that very same pile may have items like screws in it or if it’s painted, you will get much less. In which case, it will pay for you to properly sort it out, before taking it in, as the scrapyard will only pay you the going rate for the least-quality metal in your load.

  • Also and similar to the above, should you take in a load that contains a combination of various metals, like galvanised and stainless steel, the whole load will be seen as galvanised, so try thinking ahead.

Metal Types

Some scrapyards only take certain metal types, while others will take next to anything. The best way to sell scrap metal is to find out which scrapyards will take which types of metal and which ones take mixed loads.

  • Find out if they have an accepted minimum weight load or if they are willing to take any small quantities.

It may take some time removing any screws, paint, and stripping the coating from copper wire, but it will be worth it!