A lot of trends considered ‘old-fashioned’ are coming back into style. One of those trends is carpentry. The term itself may seem antiqued, as one may imagine huge, heavy tables with a colour that’s comparable to an awful tan. Carpentry has made a massive comeback by incorporating contemporary twists.

  • New Materials

Some of these surprising twists in carpentry include new materials being used. Some modern carpenters in Leicestershire are using wood that is decorated with piping of a copper material, or even Perspex. Now natural woods can be mixed with texture laminates, and laser engraving can be used create embossed patterns. High gloss can be used with modern cabinetry, as well as paper decor embossing.

  • Modern Shapes

Another modern take on carpentry includes the making of unique custom furniture in the shape of new, contemporary designs. An exciting shape design for furniture could be a portion made of separate puzzle pieces that are reminiscent of Japanese joints. Using this ancient technique, modern models could be created without the use of screws or glue. Wooden blades that are carefully assembled in layers or wood furniture that resemble a swan’s fanned wings can be formed through carpentry.

  • Updated Finishes

Unexpected finishes may also demand a double take when it comes to carpentry. Usually, finishes involve polyurethane that is moulded or even plastic. New finishes can come in a plethora of designs, colour, material, and shapes to create an art Deco look, or also complement a nautical theme within a restaurant, office space, or home. The Victorian flourishes can be tossed out the window, if the carpenter is skilled at combining functionality with design. A modern touch that a carpenter could utilize is the avoidance of flush, a conventional technique when it comes to the door, window or furniture trims. Regarding actual woodworking, unique finishes can include an inlay within the wood itself, as it’s covered with a protective gloss finish. One can imagine a mosaic of turquoise and aquatic colours in the centre of a table, layered with glass. Or perhaps a carpenter could have a significant table with an unevenly cut wood that has a considerable stone inlay in one corner.

Some carpenters may create pieces that ranges from furniture that’s solely for practical uses, and the more dreamy creations may inspire conversation, fantastical thoughts, and encourage meditation. Carpentry can bring the wilderness straight into one’s home, even in a city dwelling. Modern woodworking is considered investment furniture, as quality and longevity are the carpenter’s goal, regardless of traditional or updated design.