Yes, we’ve often come across different terminologies for blankets that cover us at night and shield us from the cold. When buying blankets online, we get confused while choosing which blanket will be best for the weather, which one will be appropriate in size, which one will best match the bedding and bed linen and which blanket can be maintained well for long.

Even if the purpose of these blankets is the same, we need to know the difference between their fabric, qualities, stitch, size and composition to make the most of these. Once you decide, make sure to read up an article about taking care of blankets, online.

Dohars (or Quilts)-

Dohars or Quilts are made of three dense layers, a layer of filling material (mostly cotton or wool) between a top and bottom layer made with various patches of cloth stitched together. These patches have vibrant colours and multiple patterns which- when put together make up a beautiful ensemble. Although you will find dohars online, some families traditionally stitch it at home to commemorate a special occasion.


The main difference between dohars and comforters is that the latter is either printed or colour dyed, not stitched with patterns. It may be quilted too, but it is distinctly different from quilts because of the use of a single cloth. Comforters are thick, with a filling of down feathers, cotton or wool. The volume of the filling decides its heat retaining capacity. If you buy bed comforters online you can choose from a wide range of classy and beautiful comforters which you can use to match with your bedding and bed linen.


Unlike dohars and comforters, duvets are generally white in colour and should be given a duvet cover. Duvets are as common as finding bed comforters online on websites like to liven up your bedroom. In fact, they are also more convenient because the duvet cover can be removed and be washed separately without wetting the filling. Most people prefer using a duvet instead of using multiple sheets because it’s one less hassle to be bothered about.

Out of the three blankets, dohars need to be maintained with more care and precision because of its nature. If you haven’t bought a dohar online but have an ancestral dohar which is being passed on since generations, then you must take cautious steps to clean and store it.