Sometimes as boilers get older or when they are past their prime, they tend to get cranky. They may emit weird noises or kick on at inopportune times. If your boiler fits this sort of profile, you need to review the boilers that are featured in the marketplace today. Doing so will help you avert any problems with a boiler breakdown on a cold and windy day.

When Breakdowns Usually Occur

After all, that is when most breakdowns occur. If an old boiler is trying to work on an especially cold day, it may simply give out as the result of the temperature. When this happens, it can be especially trying, if not frustrating, to get the mechanical help you need. To prevent this type of event, you need to contact a reliable company that will provide the best boiler replacement in Blackheath.

Some Clues Worth Noting

Boilers clue you in on how they are operating by doing the following:

  • No hot water or heat. This is the biggest clue that you need to contact an engineer about a boiler repair or replacement.
  • Dripping and leaking. A faulty part, high water pressure, or one of several issues can cause a boiler to leak. When this occurs, contact an engineer without delay.
  • Whistling or banging sounds. Kettling happens when boiler systems accumulate limescale. This type of buildup causes the boiler to make strange sounds.

If you notice that the pilot light has gone out, you also need to have your boiler checked. In this instance, the thermocouple may need to be replaced. Get a boiler quote today if your boiler is misbehaving.