When it comes to your bed, you probably don’t spend too much time thinking about your sheets. Unless they are dirty or torn, they probably don’t enter your mind very often. However, the quality of your sheets can change everything about your bed. If you have a great set of sheets, you could find yourself with a better night’s sleep and a better morning. Also, you might save a decent amount of money. The quality of your sheets is determined by the material, the thread count, and the style. There are many different options and each one has advantages and disadvantages.

The Material

Typically, sheets come in linen, cotton, and assorted synthetic fabrics. Usually, cotton is the most desirable material as cotton is soft, breathable, and affordable. A breathable fabric is very important because the sheets are going to absorb your body heat over the course of the night. As the night goes on, if your sheets aren’t very breathable, you’ll start to sweat. Not only will that be very uncomfortable, it will also make your sheets dirty faster. You’ll have to wash them more often. That’s going to cost you more money in energy bills; also, it will cause your sheets to wear out faster, which will cost you more money to replace them.

Mattress City sells many different types of cotton sheets that will serve your needs. Completely cotton sheets are very desirable, but in certain circumstances, synthetic fibres are very desirable as well. Synthetic fibres are often more resilient or more elastic than pure cotton. That helps them retain their shape over the years. Also, synthetic fabrics sometimes give you more options for your sheets aesthetically. You can often find sheets in many different colours. Striped sheets are called ลายผ้าปูที่นอน in Thai.

The Style

The style of your sheets can change depending on your needs. Many people want to buy bedsheets that match their decor. For example, if you have white walls and a granite surface, you might want sheets that are black, white, and grey. However, many people also like to have sheets that are striped or polka dot to offset their room. Sheets that contrast with your interior decor are very good at making your bed stand out. They are a very popular choice for many people.

Thread Count

The last consideration is the thread count of your sheets. Your sheets are measured by the number of threads of a certain amount of space. Typically, they are measured by the amount of threads in a square inch. Sheets range from about 60 thread count to 3000 thread count. The ones that have incredibly high thread counts typically count in very dubious ways. You are going to want sheets that are about 300 thread count or higher. The higher the thread count, the finer the fibres in the sheets and the softer they are. A high thread count sheet is great for sleeping. Mattress City offers some very high thread count sheets; however, very high thread counts are not quite as durable.



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