Being one of the fastest growing economies, London is such a busy place with lots of people moving in and out for business, work, education, and much more. Due to the ever-rising population, it’s clear that waste stream is on the rise, which has made proper rubbish removal London quite challenging. Other than keeping spaces clean, proper waste management eradicates pest problems, reduces costs related to waste disposal, and most importantly, maintains an eco-friendly environment. Here are some of the ways you can reduce waste and increase recycling in an eco-friendly manner:

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

A little R & R & R should go without saying so as to create a sustainable life.

Reduce: Reducing what is produced and consumed is necessary to achieve the waste hierarchy. The logic behind this is simple; less rubbish equals less waste to recycle, reuse or dispose of. For instance, purchasing water filters or reusable containers can significantly minimize the need for disposable plastic bottles.

Reuse: Reusing focuses on keeping waste generation to a minimum. Therefore, before you throw away stuff such as ice-cream containers, first consider if you can reuse them.

Recycle: Recycling refers to the transforming of products into raw material, which is then shaped into a new item. But first, you’ll have to learn what can be recycled and what can’t. Then, separate waste before delivering it to recycling companies.

Buy Recycled Products

The importance of recycling is to reduce the need for rubbish removal. The best way to do so is to support recycled products, which creates a good recycling loop. High recycled content can now be found in almost everything, from glass, plastic, construction material, tyres, fabric, household utensils, furniture, and much more.

Donate Unwanted Items

There are several charities throughout London that welcome donations. Give away useful objects that you no longer use such as clothes that don’t fit, old furniture, and much more. Make it a rule that nothing useable is thrown into the trash until the community around you has received a fair share. It’s better than filling the landfill, right?

Anaerobic Digestion

Using bacteria and other microorganisms to break down organic waste is another great way for rubbish removal London to be done in an eco-friendly manner. This process doesn’t require oxygen and open-air exposure; instead, it’s considered a renewable energy process that uses waste to create methane, which can be upgraded into natural gas or used to power various engines.

Dealing with Hazardous Waste

Hazardous waste should never be disposed of with the general waste. The most ethical way to do so is to dispose them at the hazardous waste disposal sites. Examples of hazardous items include paint cans, tires, bulbs, thermometers, etc. If this waste is disposed of in the landfills, it can heavily pollute the air, water, and soil, posing a threat to the environment and life itself.


Create Awareness

While this may sound simple, educating people on eco-friendly rubbish removal London requires more than saying, “Recycling is good.” You need to educate them on how they can reduce, reuse, and recycle waste correctly, what can or can’t be recycled, as well as the goals and benefits of proper waste disposal. And, since actions speak louder than words, you need to include certain operations such as placing the right number and size of recycling bins in convenient public locations to enhance the city’s core waste service.

If you are looking for an Eco-friendly rubbish removal London service, which can responsibly handle everything, including your e-waste, scrap metal, organic waste, paper waste, and much more, give Junk London a call today!