Choosing your whole house water filter isn’t a decision to take lightly but it also doesn’t have to be difficult. There are seven simple factors which will help you decide which whole house water filter will suit your home and lifestyle.  See here for more information

 It is important when deciding which whole house water filter you are going to buy for your home you take into consideration the size of your property, the extras you may need to add to the system as well as ensuring you buy one with the right flow rate for the number of showers you have in your home. This is something which is easily overlooked however it is important to ensure the best use of your whole house water filter.

Urban Defender and UV Light

 Other factors you will need to consider relate to the type of carbon contained within the whole house water filter. Each type of carbon provides a specific role in purifying the water.  Water in certain areas of the country will contain different chemicals which will require a particular carbon. You will also need to factor in the usage of the system. Households who use showers or baths more often will need a bigger system otherwise you will find you will have to replace your whole house filter sooner than normal.

 Here is where it gets slightly more technical but there is no need for concern, the system is designed to help not make your life more difficult. Before buying your whole house water filter you need to think about what you wish to do once your system reaches the end of its life. When looking at the specifications you will want to see if you will need to replace the entire system or if you can simply change the media which only takes an hour.

 NFS certified components

It is vital you check the validity and relevance of this particular certification. Just because this certification may seem important it doesn’t actually ensure it suits your requirements. Some certification will mean that not all of the chemicals are removed. We do recommend you look at a system which has a backwashing facility, this will increase the removable rates, something most consumers are looking to get from their system.

 Buying a whole house water system is a big commitment, it is something you want to get right in order for your household to make the most of it. Like most big decisions you make when considering home improvements, it is essential you look over every single detail and component and assess whether the system works for you. Each house will want something different from their whole house water system so finding a company who will modify the system to suit your need will make for an extremely satisfactory shower or bath. It is worth chatting with others who live in your area when it comes to factors such as carbon, they may know about or have their own system in their property. This may help to guide you to a decision.