Double glazing windows provide more insulation and durability compared to single pane windows. However, all windows eventually require small fixes or repairs. When these repairs are delayed, you may find yourself needing to choose between window replacement and repair.

Signs That Your Window Is Beyond Repair

Experienced window repair technicians can handle a wide variety of repairs to restore the condition of your double-glazing windows. While these repairs can fix most issues, there are also issues that may require the complete replacement of your window, such as the following problems:

  • The window frame is rotted from water damage
  • The window panes have major cracks or chips
  • Condensation regularly forms between the window panes
  • Water leaks through the window during severe weather
  • You regularly need to repair the same issues

If your window pane has a small scratch, technicians can attempt to buff the scratch out. However, chips, cracks, and holes cannot be repaired without replacing the window. You may also need replacement if the frame or other parts have significantly deteriorated.

Assess the Condition of Your Window

When you notice a draught of cool air entering your home through a window, you may not need to replace the window. Largs double glazing repairs are available to help you avoid the cost of replacement.

If you need help choosing between replacement and repair, hire a window repair expert to assess the condition of your window. A reliable contractor will offer honest advice to help you determine which option provides the best value.