Drain pipes and sewers can get blocked due to a variety of reasons. All of the wastewater from the house is collected in the drain pipes, and it passes through the house until it enters the municipal sewage lines. The drain pipes have a slightly larger diameter than a conventional pipe, but they are designed for only carrying water and semi-solids. Unfortunately, most people don’t really care about that, and they often throw other items into the drain pipes as well. There are a number of items that can cause a blockage in the drain pipes, such as:

  • Oil and other gelatinous substances
  • Hair build-up
  • Solid items that get stuck around the sides of the pipes
  • Chewing gum

Many companies offer drain and sewer clearance in Oxfordshire to commercial and residential clients. If you notice that the drain pipes are blocked, you might want to get them cleaned by a professional. Here are a few ways by which the drain pipes can be unblocked.

Jet Washes

The most common method used for removing a blockage in the drain pipes is a jet wash. Jet washes can be carried out by a professional drain clearance crew after checking exactly where the blockage lies.

Melting the Blockage

Powerful acids can be passed through the drain pipes in order to literally melt the blockage in the pipes. It’s not really a preferred solution, mainly because there’s a risk that the drain pipes might leak as well due to the potent acids.