Introducing a vintage look in a modern house might sound easy. Well, it is; however, your house could end up resembling your grandmother’s if you are not careful.

Introducing a traditional feel in a modern house needs to be balanced well. Use the following tips to give your modern living area an“old world” feeling:

  1. Floor coverings

Antique designed persian rugs will give a modern house a traditional feeling. A vintage look cannot be complete without antiques.

Do not go picking any old floor rugs you come across hoping they will complete your vintage design. Look for elegant pieces, especially those with some sense of history that is unique.

  1. Craftsman character

Get some hand-carved and crafted pieces for your living area. Add carved mahogany pieces to your mirror frames, furniture, and photo frames.

 Not only does mahogany bring out a traditional look in your house, but also a wealthy perception due to its high-quality appearance.

  1. Theme color

If you are keen enough, you will notice that in the ancient days there were no white walls.

Avoid bright colors and use a dusty color in your living area. Bright colors bring a modern appearance as opposed to dusty ones like red, blue, gold-brown and green.

Rooms such as the dining and library can be painted with more bold colors as compared to a room like a kitchen.

  1. Authentic lighting

Antique lighting fixtures will bring out a traditional look and feel in a modern house.  Get restoration lighting that has been improved with modern standards as an artistic statement.

Replacing your lighting system with antique light switches, light fixtures and switch plates will totally give your living area a traditional look.

  1. Emphasize the details

Older homes are ideally meant to have some detailed decor. From the paintings to the ornate furniture, details should never be overlooked.

However, be careful not to overshadow the modern look entirely. So, how do you do that? Here are some tricks on how to have to balanced traditional-modern decor for your living room:

  • Do not overdo your decor items. For example, you do not need to cover your living area from the floors to the ceiling. Be moderate! Know when the décor items are enough to make the room cozy.
  • Adding some romance in the room will do. You can add this touch by using fresh flowers or floral fabrics such as pillows. Throw a few floral pillows to your modern chairs.
  • Go antique all the way to your utensils. Do not forget to show off your antique porcelain collection from your modern cabinet. You can still do the display from your modern steel table.

As you have seen, creating a traditional feel in a modern house is not as tough as many think.

Just like filling a puzzle, all that is needed is a keen eye to blend in the two styles; and just like that, your modern house gets an “old world” look.