Find out how to decorate your house when you no longer have to worry about crayon art and painted hands ruining the walls.

Although some amazing families manage to keep the most beautiful home when their kids are really young, most of us simply aim for ‘chaotic, but tidy’ as an excellent goal. When kids are young, expressing their creativity through crayon art and hand painting which simply ‘must’ go on the walls, what is the point in decorating? There’s just about enough time to hoover between different lego sets and bricks being spilt all over the carpet anyway.

Once the kids are older though, and their playing/ hanging out can be contained somewhat in their rooms, there is time to reclaim your home and make it more grown up again. The problem is, it has been so long since you’ve done it, it can feel a bit overwhelming. Where do you even start?

Don’t worry, once you’ve read these tips you’ll be totally inspired to get grown up with your decor ASAP:

Stay Functional

The kids are older yes, but they haven’t left yet. It still makes sense to keep all the practical spaces you have created multifunctional and working for the way they are used now. Any spaces that no longer have a function because the kids are older, however, such as the nursery, can be repurposed and made to function in a different way.

See Beyond The Memories

Painting over the wall that used to mark the kids heights before they stopped growing? Devastating. Throwing away the very threadbare rug in the conservatory that provided a soft play area for the kids on cosy indoor rainy days? Unthinkable.

However, if you see beyond the physical items and recognise that the memories will still be there long after the space has changed, it all becomes a little easier. What about making space for new memories? Painting the walls an inviting new colour for new special meals after the kids finish secondary school and tell you about their day? Or beautiful new floor tiles with underfloor heating for a gorgeous hangout for you and your friends when the kids are out at their friend’s houses. Memories are great, but you can make even more of them in the future if you make your home somewhere you love to spend time in.

Think Beyond Practicality

Whereas before all you could think about was practicality and safety, now you can think about pattern, and colour, and luxurious little details you couldn’t consider before. Like a beautiful lamp just because you like how it looks, or beautiful porcelain wall tiles (look for these on Décor Tiles) just because you like the colour and texture. Or how about some amazing lighter coloured furniture that would have just been a magnet for stains before, but now the kids are older, the furniture actually gets respect.

Hopefully these 3 tips have helped you feel a little more able to do grown-up decor now the kids are older. Yes it can be scary and yes it can feel a little indulgent, but, you’ve earnt this. You’ve done your fair share of wall scrubbing and holding on to ugly furniture just because there’s no point replacing it yet. Now is the time for beautiful things again, and lovely decor again. Have fun with it and enjoy this time, so you and your kids can enjoy this new, beautiful sanctuary you have created for this next stage in family life.