Those selling or beginning their search for a new home may sometimes hear the term, ‘kerb appeal’. It’s a phrase that could initially only be heard within the US property market, but it’s one that’s now standard in most English speaking countries.

Essentially, kerb appeal is how the exterior of a home is viewed from the roadside. If your home is highly desirable, then even those who aren’t looking to buy a house may stop to admire it.

Kerb appeal is an integral part of the real estate market, and this is because the exterior of your home and garden are the first thing people will see. You could have the most beautiful interior, but if people are put off by what’s on the outside, you’ve lost that initial wow-factor moment. You only have one shot to make a first impression.

In this blog, we’ll cover how a few small changes can make a big difference.

Making the Most of What You Have

Any home valuation professional, when asked about how to increase sale value, will first advise that you focus on your exterior. Even these that may not seem significant, like a scruffy front garden or a patch of peeling paint on the window frame, can tell someone a lot about the personality of the owner of the home.

After all, if someone can’t be bothered to mow their lawn, then what else have they neglected?

It may sound a little irrational, but when you think that potential home buyers are spending a lot of money in their desire to buy something as close to perfection as possible, it seems a little less absurd.



If you’re still rocking that front door that’s been through the wars for heaven knows how many years, then you’re definitely missing a trick. A front door, when chosen correctly, can be an inviting portal; tantalising passersby with the possibilities that could greet them on the other side.

But, do we really even consider how our external doors look to the outside world? In fact, you’ll probably spend time occupied with other things when trying to improve resale value.

Just as the interior has the potential to make or break a sale, the exterior can ruin any chance of a transaction before a suitor has even walked over the threshold.

To spruce up your door, firstly give it a lick of paint and ditch any outdated hardware. Choosing a colour that contrasts with the brickwork creates an instant focal point. Replace old house numbers with a shiny brass ones and install light fixtures around the door to create a warm, welcoming vibe.

Garage Doors

Garage doors are similar to exterior doors in the sense that they help to cultivate the overall first impression.

A well-functioning, stylish garage door is a sure fire way to increase sale value and get potential buyers over the threshold.

Old garage doors are also one of the most common ways for thieves to enter a property, so a nice, secure garage door suggests to a potential buyer that you’ve taken the time to consider security measures.


For maximum kerb appeal, you may wish to consider a complete window fixture restructure. However, most times all you need to do is get out your sponge and give the windows and the frames a good wash down and rinse.

What’s more appealing to a potential buyer than the sunlight sparkling against the pristine window panes? Be sure to remove any hard water marks though and repeat the process on the inside. Finger marks, paw prints and grease, will look even more apparent if the exterior windows are crystal clear.



Your front garden doesn’t have to be a vast, sprawling space for you make the most it with some greenery and flowers. Some simple planters or hanging baskets add a lovely, delicate touch. While planting some evergreens trees will add deep green colour to your garden all year round.

Walk Ways

An appealing walkway is a must to boost kerb appeal. Bins and overgrown weeds in the front garden are just part-and-parcel of a busy, modern lifestyle, but taking the time out to neaten things up from time-to-time is important.

Taking a few hours every other weekend isn’t a big ask, particularly when you consider the potential rewards that a well-kept property can bring when you’re trying to sell up.

First impressions are everything, so if you can spend that little extra time to tidy your exterior to keep it spic and span, you’ll leave a potential buyer wanting to see and know more.