Keeping your business and your employees safe is probably your most significant concern as a business operator. You have an obligation to protect your employees, as well as the business you have invested in. There are several different ways to do that and several different steps you should take. For example, locking doors and installing cameras are very popular decisions. Roller doors are big security measures that you have probably seen before; they have been shown to be very effective in many different settings. Depending on which roller doors you invest in, you will have protection from storm damage, malicious actors, and fire. This protection is provided by construction as well as materials.

Roller Door Materials

When it comes to security, the material of your roller door is going to be incredibly important. Galvanised steel is the most common material for security doors. The steel is called galvanised because it is prepared with a process that will protect the steel from different kinds of damage. It is a very strong material that is usually about 22g or 20g in thickness. A 20g door is thicker and sturdier, but it’s also heavier. If you want 20g doors, you’ll have a little more security, but you’ll also have to pay a little more money and buy a stronger motor to lift and lower the doors.

Galvanised steel is also very resistant to rusting; that’s part of the galvanising process. It doesn’t rust or corrode very easily, so it’s pretty resistant to the weather. However, galvanised steel can become dull in the elements. At, you can find galvanised steel doors that are powder coated to add an extra layer of protection to your door.

Roller Door Construction

In addition to the metal used to make your doors, you need to make sure they are constructed very well. After all, the thickest and sturdiest door won’t help if it doesn’t fit your doorway. Many companies will sell you a door in a standard size, but it’s a little more difficult to find a bespoke door. Custom doors made to fit your doorway are going to obviously be the most secure solution to your needs. They are going to fit your doorway very snugly and provide maximum security.

You also need to make sure the doors are created by a company that knows how to create secure doors. You need to do your research to be sure that you’re dealing with a company with a good history of providing secure, sturdy roller doors. If you buy doors that aren’t constructed very well, then they won’t protect you from anything. They need to be a good fit, with solid connections, and a powerful motor. A weather seal with insulating foam is also pretty important if you need your door to be weatherproof. In stormy areas, part of security involves keeping you safe from the elements.

A roller shutter door is a great way to keep your business safe from the elements and bad actors. You need to make sure you are buying a well-fitting door created by a reputable company.


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