Garden WateringWatering our garden seems to be the easiest job to us. All we need to do is to get up from our couch and spend some time in our garden. However, efficient and resourceful watering cannot be done without taking care of the plants needs. Taking care of watering activity can save us money and time in the long run. Optimal level of watering is very important for plants. Anything less or excessive can cause trouble for plants. Here are some of the important things that you must consider in order to make watering of your garden and plants more resourceful.

Know about soil needs

The water that goes beneath the soil is responsible for your garden growth. Water on leafs or trees do not bring growth. Soils are of different types and they have different needs. Sandy soil has different requirements than the dry soil. Hence, do some of your research on soil and get to know about your garden soil by professionals such as Green life landscaping work. Some soils require less water while other has high demand of water. Once, you know about the soil, than water your garden according to its requirements.

Know your plants

Different plants have different kind of requirements for water. Some need more sunlight and less water. Others require regular maintenance. Hot area plants have different requirements in comparison to cold area plants. Hence, learn by doing. Once you give water to plants, visit them to check their conditions. Read online about the plant’s requirements. Also remove the weed that grows on the plants side. Many additives that grow eat away the water and hence, the original plants needs are not fulfilled.

Excess water is bad water

Do not turn your garden into a pond while watering plants. Remember that excessive water is bad for plants. Excessive water just overflows from soil and can cause damage to the soil as well. When you water plants in water pots, you can see that if excessive water is added in the pot, it runs out from the pot bottom. This is something which you must avoid. It will save your water and your plants as well.

Install better irrigation system

A better irrigation system is the key for saving your time and money. A good irrigation system will be more technological. However, do not rely completely on automatic systems. The adjustment in their settings is mandatory. You have to change the settings according to the need of time and weather. Automatic irrigation system ensures that water is distributed equally across the garden.

Keep track of weather

If you are living in high rain area, you can save a lot of water by just keeping the track of weather on daily basis. On the other hand, hotter area plants require more water. In hotter climates, plants transpire more and this process causes them to get dry early. Hence, more water is the only solution to save such plants. You can also download a good Smartphone application for weather guide. It will help you in saving your time and money.


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