You want to add barns and sheds to your property but just can’t envision a plain, ordinary structure in your backyard. There are so many ways to make these buildings much more interesting and unique. Before building this structure, think of ways to make it blend in with the surroundings and become an integral part of your landscape. Ways to add interest could include adding the following to your plans: 

Match the Materials to Your Home

To truly assist in making this structure blend in perfectly, match all of the building materials to those of your home. The color, roofing materials, wood trim, type of siding, windows, and doors should all be the same style as that of your home. 

Add Windows 

If this structure does not have windows in the plans, add them. You can, as stated above, match them to your existing home, or you can choose unique frames to make this barn or shed truly stand out. Stained glass windows are also an option. 

Provide Plants and Gardening Elements 

No matter what the building looks like, adding foliage around it will give it a welcoming look. If you are after a vintage appeal, add heirloom flowers, especially roses, around the base of the barn or shed. Plant an herb garden for a truly attractive and useful addition. Place window boxes below the windows or hang ivy plants from the roofline. Potted plants on either side of the entrance door would give it a homey touch as would a dried flower wreath on the door. 

Construct a Unique Walkway 

You do not want to walk to your barn or shed in the mud, so it is to your advantage to add a walkway. Make this walkway from old, reclaimed bricks, pavers, or flat stones. Don’t look for perfection – the more rustic and natural it looks, the better it will blend in with other elements. 

Add a Unique Door 

Sometimes just adding a unique door to the building will give it all the personality it needs. Consider a solid wood door with stained glass inserts for an elegant appeal, a Dutch door for an ethnic look, or a screened door for air flow. The type of door you choose should complement the style of the building and reflect the use of the shed or barn. 

Add Color 

If you decide not to match this structure to your existing home, you could give it a pop of color that will truly allow it to stand out. Paint it a dark teal, light pink, soothing aqua, or an accommodating tan. Choose a color that reflects your personal style, what the structure is used for, and blends in well with the plants, accessories, and other buildings around it. 

As you can see, making barns and sheds appealing additions to your property does not have to be a huge challenge. Use your imagination to make this addition unique and distinctive. You will have a new building that will not only be useful but will also be an attractive and inviting addition to your property.