Home makeover plans are everywhere on the Internet, and they offer interesting ideas. A new lighting plan, a new furniture arrangement, putting in plenty of flowers, putting up new shelves, buying new art, and even cleaning, are all popular ideas pitched and taken up.

As creative and workable as these ideas are, however, they don’t really make a space feel all-new. If you can’t stand seeing your home just the way it’s always been, you need to aim for more thorough work.

Try changing rooms around

The bedroom that the designers of your home intended as the master bedroom doesn’t need to be that. No one says that the rec room in the basement can’t be a home office. Repurposing each room can make everything feel different. If you can make it work, it’s worth a shot.

Do a little remodel

When you change rooms, you are likely to need to customize a little to get it to your liking. With a little remodeling — a new closet, a slightly more updated bathroom or a reading nook — your new plan can work, and your home can feel fresh again. If you do feel like it, you could go even deeper with a proper remodel. Starting with a kitchen remodel or a new bathroom design is an excellent idea. These are projects that everyone in the house is likely to get to enjoy.

Find a theme

Most homes are decorated to no particular theme. They are just about comfort and generic good taste. Inventing a new theme for your home, however, can make everything feel different — not just because it makes your home feel different, but because it’s likely to make you feel different. You could theme one room to music, another to sport, and yet another to the movies or to children. This kind of thing isn’t just for theme restaurants.

Rooms with themes can make everyone feel differently. They can make your family think more deeply about things they love, and even pursue it with greater passion.

There really are no rules when it comes to finding new things to do with your home. Your home should reflect who you are, you can go as far as you want.


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