You know that adding a roof window is the only way you can transform your attic or loft into a useable or liveable space, but there has been a spate of burglaries in your neighbourhood; primarily through the roof. The last thing you want to do is to make it easy for robbers to access your home and so you shelf your dreams of natural light and a beautiful attic. Fortunately, roof windows from Farko are made with security in mind, but there are a few tips you can employ to safeguard your family, home and property.

Ask About Glazing

Your first line of defence where roof windows are concerned is to install secure windows in the first place. These types of windows have a laminated inner pane and toughened outer pane that make them very difficult to break. In the unlikely event that the intruder does manage to break the window, it doesn’t shatter, making his entrance that much more difficult.

Apart from security, Farko Home roof windows offer additional benefits including sound and heat insulation.

Prefer Security Windows

Apart from the laminate, roof windows should be fitted with extra security features such as extra locks. Ask your dealer about the security features on the product you are considering before making a final decision.

Make Life Difficult for the Burglar

The likelihood is the burglar doesn’t know you have secure windows. The point is to discourage his attempt in the first place. As much as possible, ensure that there are no drain pipes or easy access to the roof window. Keep all your windows locked every time you leave the house in case a determined intruder uses a ladder when you’re not home.

Keep a Clear Line of Sight

In addition to Farko windows, there is still more you can do to protect your home. Make sure that anyone on your yard is clearly visible from the house. Get rid of thick or tall shrubs especially around the doors and windows.

Upgrade your exterior lighting, preferably with motion censors. Light alone may be sufficient to deter the would-be intruder.

Practice Discretion

Avoid dumping boxes for expensive electronics such as flat screens directly in your garbage. The boxes may tempt would-be intruders because they know there are valuables in the house. Keep your drapes closed to conceal the valuables inside the home.

Finally, use a generic sticker for your security system rather than the system’s brand. An intruder may be familiar with your security system and the sticker could be the confirmation he needs that your home isn’t impenetrable.