Whether you have an inefficient boiler that is costing too much to operate or you need to replace it because it has failed, choosing the right boiler for your home can be difficult. Fortunately, this information can help you select a boiler for your house.

Types of Boilers

If, as most people do, you have a gas-fired boiler, you can choose from three types of boilers to replace it with:

  • A combi boiler that produces both heat and hot water.
  • A conventional boiler that only provides heat. You would also need a hot water system and a cold-water storage tank.
  • A system boiler, similar to conventional boilers, that only supplies Cold-water tanks are not required.

Efficient Boilers

When replacing a boiler, you should buy the most efficient one possible. This will help reduce the operating costs while keeping your home cosy during cold weather. Modern condensing boilers are more efficient than the older non-condensing models; however, to ensure that you get the most efficient model for your home, it needs to be the correct size. A company that specialises in Dunfermline central heating – installation and servicing can help you select the right boiler for your house.

Sizing a Boiler

Getting the right size boiler will help make it more efficient but getting the right size depends on two things:

  • The boiler’s heating and hot water capacity.
  • The size of the space that houses the boiler.

Finding a boiler to adequately heat your home and supply plenty of hot water will depend on the size of the house, how many bathrooms are in it, and the number of people who live there. An engineer can help you calculate the size boiler that you will need for your home and help you find a model not only fits your budget but also meets your heat and hot water needs.