You do not need any power cord to use your cordless drilling machine, as it can run with the help of rechargeable batteries. Therefore, you can use it very conveniently for drilling hole at any place you want. There are many different applications of such kind of cordless drills and perhaps for carpenter’s toolbox it is one of the most versatile items.

As long as your battery pack is fully charged you can easily run these drill machines. People who are interested to do their DIY projects find it to be a very useful tool for them.

Here are some of the common applications of cordless drilling machine. Nutty DIY also highly recommends keeping this drilling machine in their tool box.

  • Drilling smaller holes

Often you may need to drill smaller holes in order to fix any screws to fit any part or to hang picture on the wall. Such kind of drilling machines are usually very convenient to carry with you because of its light weight. Carpenters, plumbers, workshop mechanics, electricians all may need such convenient tools in their tool box so that they can drill small holes where there is no power outlet available readily.

  • Drilling bigger holes

Using any suitable diameter of drill bit, you can also drill holes of big diameter that may be needed by any plumber, electrician or carpenter or if you are engaged in any kind of DIY projects. Usually carrying a conventional drilling machine is not feasible or where there is no power point available, for such situation this kind of cordless drilling machine can be extremely useful.

  • Replacing any screw driver

This kind of drill machine can be very conveniently used as screw driver where very long threaded end has to be screwed. All that you need is a tip of screw driver which can be attached in the position of drill bits. Using this tool, you can quickly fix the screws without losing too much time that you needed normally.

  • Drill pilot holes

Whenever you fix screws into wood, first you create a pilot hole of certain diameter. Thereafter you can fix the screws so that it can fit with the joint more securely. If there is any wooden split then it will affect the quality of the fitting. In this process, it is possible to insert screw inside the wood without splitting the wood.  

  • Hole Saw

When you need to cut holes for fixing doorknobs, drains, sink faucets where you may need rounded holes of various sizes, then such cordless drilling machine can be an excellent choice and can help you to create exactly perfect circular hole.

  • For installation of drywall

These who are responsible for drywall installation may carry such kind of drill machine in their tool box as in such kind of jobs, you need to lift and hold panels in required place before you install them at wall. Installer can use such drill machine with a magnetic screw tip and you can insert through drywall easily.

  • On concrete surface

In case, you need to drill on any concrete surface then carrying cordless drilling machine will be very useful.