The precise moment when we set foot in any home, we get a negative, positive, or neutral vibe with regard to that household. A majority of us overlook vital facts which ensure that your home is lively and bright, and, most importantly, spotlessly clean, especially when it comes to soft furnishing. Regardless of the size of your home, its appearance (whether good or bad) depends on the quality of soft furnishing. Hence, soft furnishing care is one of the most important aspects to consider while ensuring that your home stays spick and span.

Mentioned below are some of the ways to care for soft furnishings:

(1) Carefully Read the Labels

Always make sure that you pursue the labels thoroughly to learn the care instructions provided by the manufacturer so that you efficiently clean the soft furnishings without causing any damage. Generally, all precautionary measures that are needed for soft furnishings are provided via symbols that indicate whether a particular fabric can be tumble-dried, dry-cleaned, ironed, bleached, or washed. You need to follow these instructions carefully for ensuring longer life of your soft furnishings.

(2) Cleaning and Caring for Home Furnishings

Cleaning and caring of home soft furnishings is extremely essential.

  •        You need to vacuum clean curtains and blinds along with linings at least once a week for avoiding build-up of dirt. You may want to utilise an upholstery attachment for this task. While cleaning soft furnishings, stretch muslin on top of the nozzle.
  •        Never utilise a vacuum cleaner for cleaning feather or down cushions because the fillings will be eventually damaged. Do not make use of detergents or soaps on fixed covers because they may result in colour-bleeding.
  •        Except when tagged as washable, always make it a point to dry clean loose covers. Cotton and linen covers can be washed by hand; however, ensure that you do not rub the fabric. Gently squeeze them, and rinse them thoroughly. Do not dry in direct sunshine or opt for tumble-drying. Instead, dry flat and iron covers along their length on a very low heat, while they retain moisture.
  •        Always steam clean the trimmings, including fringed trimmings and tassels on soft furnishings. Make it a point to keep it as gentle as possible. You should use artists’ soft brushes for dusting rosettes and ruched braids.
  •        While dry cleaning, ensure that you clean the whole set for avoiding uneven change in colour.
  •        Turn the cushion covers on a regular basis for even spreading of colour fading. In addition, rotate their places because some seats are more used in comparison with others. This will ensure that the wear and tear remains even. Placing some cotton terrycloth beneath the seat cushions can effectively tackle unexpected spills.
  •        Never cut or pull any loose threads. With the help of a pin or needle, push the thread back gently through to the fabrics underside.

(3) Spot Cleaning

Utilise fabric protectors that assist fibres from absorbing spills. However, this may not be enough. Blot spills promptly with the use of a clean towel. Only blot gently, without rubbing. Always utilise a mild cleaner. Apply it with a soft brush in circular motions, following which you can vacuum when dry.

These were some of the techniques when it comes to soft furnishing care.


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