Whatever services you require whether it is Frameology Company framing services or CleaningFinder Company cleaning services there are steps that you must go through before hiring. For now we are going to look at how you hire a cleaning service.

The first step before hiring a cleaner is meeting that prospective cleaner in person like CleaningFinder . Cleaning is a necessity and there are so many cleaners you can hire but you have to determine the best among them.

During the meeting with the prospective cleaner, the scope of work should be discussed and the place to be cleaned should be toured as well. It is important for the cleaner to see the things that need to be cleaned so that he or she can determine whether they can handle it or not. If you hire someone who does not know how to handle what you have, he or she can cause costly mistakes to your property. But incase a face to face meeting is not possible then you must document all these and send it to the cleaner in order to avoid any miscommunication.

You must ensure that you cover all the important questions of liability insurance, license and others before you estimate the cost of the cleaning service. Never allow a company that does not have all legal documents to work for you since you are not protected and they themselves are not protected either and this could lead you into trouble.

The next step before hiring a cleaning service is asking for referrals. You must check the referrals and even find out how long the company has been operational to ensure that you get someone who has viable work history.

The next step is to ask the prospective cleaner about how the surfaces of your home or office will be cleaned. Question the cleaner’s knowledge in order to verify that they have knowledge about the best cleansers for each surface. A very small mistake can cost you a lot if the wrong chemical is used on a surface.

The next step before hiring a cleaning company is determining who will provide the cleaning equipment and supplies. There are some states where if the customer provides the equipment then he or she is responsible of a cleaner when an injury occurs while using the equipment.

The next thing you must check before hiring a cleaning service is if the company puts into writing all its policies and the scope of work. You must have a copy of the same for your records. And something else you must bear in mind is that most companies will send you an estimator during the first meeting. So if this is the case, you should ask to meet the actual cleaner who will service your home or office.

You should observe how the cleaner interacts with you, his or her level of professionalism, punctuality, respect, courtesy and ability to communicate well. These are very crucial attributes to have alongside basic cleaning competency.



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