You may have heard the term “smart home”, but have you heard about smart windows and glasses? Yes, they do exist. Nowadays, most of the people are using these smart windows in their home or at the business buildings to get an effective and smart look. These glasses are easy to maintain and install, yet giving a security. Just with switching the button, the glass transforms to transparent to translucent. There are many more benefits of using this liquid crystal privacy glass in your room or in your office.

With the use of the modern intelligent or smart glass film, your home or your office windows can be transformed into clear and opaque by just pressing the button. They are best for the modern architectural buildings as they have the sleek and minimum lines. Often most of these buildings have the glass walls, but the question that strikes the mind of the owners is that how to maintain them. To your surprise, these LCD glass smart windows require very less cleaning and they are easy to handle. These glasses eliminate the use of the traditional window coverings and blinds and save energy as well. You can choose the best switchable privacy glass film from the market and install in your office chamber or in your private room to maintain the security.

Electrochromic Glass- Best For Moisture Prone Area

The electrochromic LC glass is the ultimate transparent choice over the normal glass windows. They are best for the high traffic and wet areas. They are easy to install and any type of glazier can install this glass section in the place where it will be. They require very less maintenance and easy cleaning. They are available in various customized forms as per the requirement of the customers.

Liquid Crystal Privacy Glass Film- The Perfect Privacy

You can install the liquid crystal privacy glass film to the existing glass film that you are having on the windows. They are easy to apply; no special type of equipment is required. They are available in step-wise installation manual kit. They are pre-cut to the exact requirement that you are looking for. Just you should peel and stick the film and place it on the window.

Electric Glass- Create the Ambiance for Light

You can use the LCD glass film on the pedestrian displays with these stunning lights. They can dispense at the place for expensive billboards and also used on the banners. They can highly impress the guests and your relatives with the effective and unique window display features.

Smart Windows- Keep the View but Reduce Glare

When using these smart windows, you can reduce the glare at a minimum level. This concept is very useful. These glasses help in reducing the cooling costs by 40%, maintain the perfect view but reduce the glare. They are available in self-tinting form keeping the room cool.

These smart glass window films are not only functional and beautiful; they help in reducing the electricity bills by saving the energy. They minimize the solar heat gain and keep the surrounding comfortable.