Anybody that loves Science Fiction will recognize the famous line from the television series “Lost in Space.” The television series was a spin-off from the popular comic book series, The Space Family Robinson.  Gold Key Comics and CBS and later Twentieth Century Fox made a contract so that CBS could use the theme of the comic book, and the Robinson family name, to create the television series, as long as a tie-in to the comic books was listed in the credits of the show. The series was very popular and lasted for six years. Although the line, “Danger, Will Robinson” was only uttered once in the 83 episodes, “Danger, Danger” accompanied by a blaring bell was in almost every episode.

It was that blaring bell that awoke me from a Sunday afternoon snooze on my couch. As I blinked and tried to bring some cognitive function to my sleepy brain, I vaguely thought I was watching “Lost in Space.” Then I realized the television wasn’t even turned on. I looked around the room trying to find the source of the offending bell.

The bell originated from my cell phone, placed on the coffee table beside me. It was repeatedly chiming that blaring bell, followed by the statement, “Flash Flood Warning for the Alcorn County area.” I was not much concerned because our house was situated at the top of a hill. My lackadaisical attitude was quickly changed as I saw the devastation that the floods brought to Corinth, MS, in May of 2010.

The rain waters fell so quickly that the major highway, Highway 72, was flooded. To drive into the town of Corinth was impossible. The county roads were closed and the post office officials declared the roads impassable and mail delivery impossible. The Mayor of Corinth stated that all of the damage from the flash floods could be attributed to poor drainage systems in the urban areas and the commercial buildings. In addition, many of the homeowners had inadequate drains installed on their property, and had not hired a concrete contractor to inspect their systems.

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The major retailers in Corinth, K-Mart and Kroger were under 5 feet of water and closed for quite a while. More than 100 homes were underwater. Six people were killed in the deep waters of the streets. The Governor declared a State of Emergency and the Red Cross set up an emergency shelter on the outskirts of town. There were emergency food trucks set up to feed the people that couldn’t get into the town to buy groceries. Flash floods from heavy rainfall damage can ruin houses, vehicles, and claim lives. It only took twelve inches of standing water to produce $50,000 of damage to the home.



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