Old Options Phased Out
If you’ve been shopping for lightbulbs recently, you may have noticed something equal parts interesting and annoying. Certain bulb wattages are no longer available. They can only be found in obscure little stores where inventory has yet to be entirely sold. There’s a reason for this: the US government is deliberately phasing out older means of lighting.

America isn’t alone in this effort; it’s a transitionary ideal currently being employed by governments the world over. There are a number of reasons for this forced transition. The primary two reasons hearken to new and improved options which provide greater output for less energy consumption, and subsequent diminished environmental impact as a result.

Primarily, LED lights are able to provide that which appears to be the same to the eye as older lighting options. But LEDs don’t cost nearly so much in energy production to provide this illumination. Additionally, they last much longer; meaning production quotas don’t have to deal with the same level of replacement solutions.

Additional LED Advantages
Because of the way in which LED solutions are sequenced together and utilized, they have a more malleable quality about them than many traditional lighting options. While incandescent bulbs in a string are apt to burn out and undermine the whole line, you’re not going to find the same difficulties with LED solutions.

LEDs can be used as low-key interior lighting in areas like theaters and viewing rooms. They can also be used to help you avoid stubbing your toe at night. LEDs are great for concerts, and have been used to provide exceptionally detailed and bright displays for events which entertain thousands.

Additionally, as the Internet of Things (IoT) has gained traction, WiFi utility has made it possible for LEDs to be sequenced in a strip such that their color and luminosity can be controlled with the swipe of a screen. This means you can turn your bedroom lights on with your phone, and turn them off the same way—which is very convenient.

Not only can you set the mood for those romantic occasions, you can also save yourself hassle at night and in the morning. It’s rather annoying to get out of bed when you’re comfortable to turn off the light. It’s also uncomfortable to reach for the string on the lamp. And that’s not to mention the panel possibilities for normal living space lighting.

The Panel Component
According to ATGElectronics.com, a purveyor of LED panel light options, there are panel options which can advantageously replace indoor lighting options; a great example being the iBright Premium Panel, which, as ATG describes, “…is the energy-efficient alternative best used in offices, hospitals, and indoors.”

With such panel lighting you can have the advantages of increased illumination for decreased energy cost that is ultimately more conducive to the environment as a whole. With a little extra effort, you can even sequence it to your phone and control the whole house with an app.


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