One thing that many take for granted is the luxury of having a perfect temperature in their home. When it begins to get a little too cold or a little too hot during the wrong seasons, it may be time to replace your equipment. It’s easy to forget that cooling and heating equipment doesn’t last forever, as you don’t physically see the equipment every day.

Signs It May Be Time to Replace

When it’s time to replace a piece of HVAC or plumbing equipment, you may see a rise in your utility bills. This is due to the piece of equipment having to work harder, because it isn’t as new as it once was. If your bills are continuously going up month after month with the same usage, look into plumbers in Kent to diagnose the issue.

Humidity issues are also a sign of poor equipment performance due to leaky and inadequate ductwork. Humidity in homes is caused by an abundance of moisture. If you don’t live in an especially humid area and you begin to feel like there is water in the air and on your skin, it may be time for an HVAC expert to look into your equipment. If your equipment is also overly noisy, this is one of the first red flags for replacing your system.

Too Much Dust?

Dust is something that’s overlooked in the world of heating and cooling, as it’s not a tell-tale sign that something is wrong. But if you notice excessive dust around the home when cleaning, especially during spring cleaning, this could be due to improperly sealed ducts moving around dust. Calling an HVAC expert to seal your ducts is the proper solution and doesn’t require a full removal and reinstallation. By monitoring the performance of your heating and cooling equipment, you can keep money in your pocket and reduce your utility bills immensely.


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