Getting onto the property ladder is a dream for most people and something that they will work hard to achieve.  Unfortunately it is not easy to save a large enough deposit whilst living and working hard to improve your prospects.  All of which are essential factors in being able to afford and be approved for the right mortgage deal.

For this reason there has been an increase in interest regarding other projects which can provide the same end result but in a cheaper, more affordable manner.  Tiny homes are one example of this new trend towards affordable living.  Unfortunately this is not an option for everyone!

Superior Realty Point Brokerage are one firm that is offering assistance to all potential property owners and even those looking to change homes through the supply of pre construction townhomes in Mississauga.  

A pre-construction town home is a property which has not yet been built but has permission to be created.  The builders may be looking to raise funds or simply secure tenants before they start building.  It is possible to deal directly with the building company’s sells office.  However, their interests will lie with the builders and not what is best for you.  For this reason it is best to enlist the services of a real estate agent; such as the one mentioned above.  They can ensure you are aware of the benefits and pitfalls of this type of home ownership.


The very latest buildings will comply with the latest codes.  They will have the latest technological breakthroughs and should benefit from advanced heating systems, insulation and a range of insulation features.


All of these things will come as standard and if you are one of the first to view and choose a property as a pre-build then you will get you pick of the development.  You are likely to find this is a cheaper option than redeveloping your own home!  You will also benefit from having the best views, the largest garden or the most secluded spot; whichever is more important to you.

However, it is important to verify a few points before you commit to the project:


It is essential to confirm and check the reputation of the developer.  This will ensure you have the confidence to purchase and move into your new home once it is completed.  Any issues will be quickly resolved by a quality developer.


It is important to enlist the help of a realtor as they will probably have a better understanding of the development and the actual plans.  This will ensure you know exactly what you are committing to before you buy.  They can also offer advice and guidance to ensure the purchase goes smoothly and that the development is completed on time.  

By purchasing early you can not only get the best selection, you may be able to benefit from an early bird style discount and get your new property for cheaper than its actual market value.  This does not mean you should attempt to flip a pre-construction purchase; there are too many variables!


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