Keep Up With The Web for Real Estate Agents


The web has expanded throughout the last 5 years. Online social media websites were once for teens and now they have become the target for Fortune 500 Companies and every LLC in existence around the globe.It is now the virtual place for all businesses to get listed everywhere. The web has had a great impact on companies.

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Real Estate agents who are known to self market have had a tremendous advantage when it comes to the internet. Real Estate agents use to have a formal way of connecting with others before this internet era. They would do things such as door knock and mailing out flyers. Some would even put out signs on their car and drive around town in hopes of getting their name out. Those were the old forms of advertising and even the most advanced for of ‘tech’ would be a cold call phone call to future leads. The internet has given agents a new outlet. It has given real estate a new form of showcase and a place where they can find people that they never new before. A bit relatable to cold calling, but at the same time so distant. Search engines are being used to poll results every second. When a client wants to search homes for sale or a particular person that they have met ( like a real estate agent), they will search a search engine and see what results show up under their name. The web has become a new form of verification for future clients. The bigger you may seem to be on the web, meaning the more results under your name, the better it seems for a client to have trust and select you in a particular line of work.

The web is endless and there are many different forms of marketing, that go from Free to Pricey. The best part is the choice of deciding which way to go with marketing. Some free advertising methods in todays time would be through social media sites. Social media sites have clients that may like the same thing as for example real estate agents and thats how you may find one another. Updating social media sites on a daily even weekly basis, can get a reach and a fan base build up for a real estate agent.  Having a great fan base in a common area, will ultimately lead to getting a new listing or even a new sale for an agent. Some real estate brokerages are known for teaching real estate agents 3 months before they set them out to represent their company. One of the main sections that they go through is marketing. Creating a Facebook page is definitely in the books during these talks. Now a real estate agents is bound to have more than just a Facebook page being that there are more than 10 popular social sites at the moment. Its important for real estate agents to keep up with the web during this period. It will ultimately lead to a better rep and success in their career.


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