One of the best ways to keep your business property safe and secure is by installing a roller shutter door system. Choose a door system that is represented by a company that also specialises in repair and maintenance. That way, you can always be assured that your door is in top running order. You can choose from a variety of sizes and configurations to protect your business from vandalism, theft, or other types of intrusion.

Roller Shutter Door Options for Business

Roller shutter upgrades are available in push-up, straight-forward, chain, or electrically opening systems. You can buy the doors for your plant or facility in powder-coated, galvanised, and wood-grain finishes. You can also select from a number of colour options. Therefore, you can match the door to a building’s outside architecture and design.

When reviewing selections of roller shutters – sales installations and repairs in Staffordshire are also directed to a variety of door options, including outside pushbuttons, key switches, radio control operations, and traffic lighting systems.

A Single-Skin Curtain Design

If you want to further increase security, you may want to choose a roller shutter door system with a single-skin curtain, one that is perforated to permit people on the inside to see out of the door at night.

Types of Power Supplies

If you choose a door that is operated by electricity, you can specify for it to run from a single-phase type of supply. This style of door is an ideal choice for residential garages or retail facilities. You can also opt for a three-phase supply, which is suggested for doors that are operated more frequently.

You can also find roller shutter door designs that are resistant against fire. These doors come with 1.5, 2.0, or 4.0 hour protection rating. The doors can be powered by electricity or operated manually. All the fire-resistant designs come with a smoke seal, bottom rail, and canopy.