Trees are a beautiful part of home landscaping. Many people look for neighbourhoods that have beautiful old trees when they are house hunting. They offer excellent shade and can hold swings for the kids. Even well-established trees can suffer damage. All of the trees in your yard should be inspected regularly for damage. Large branches can be dangerous if they fall, and illness can take down an entire tree.


There are times when your trees may need to be treated for a fungus or other plant disease. Damage to trees can also warrant the need for trimming or removal. An affordable tree surgeon in Bournemouth can provide a thorough assessment of your trees. When a complication is caught early, you may only need to have a branch or two removed. This may save the tree from further damage. If disease has spread and the tree is dying, a removal may be necessary to keep your yard safe. Several things can affect trees.

  • Damaged or loose branches
  • Fungus
  • Drought

Routine Trimming

You can also keep your trees safe and healthy by trimming them as needed. Sometimes a trim is done to keep the branches from growing over a walkway or on top of the house. A tree surgeon can assess the entire situation at your home. This may include factors such as the location of the tree, effects on your home, age, and health status. A custom trimming can be applied to make sure your tree remains healthy.

Your tree is a part of what gives your home a beautiful and comforting atmosphere. When they become damaged or ill, however, they can be dangerous to people on the property. Branches may fall and hurt someone, for example. A tree specialist can guide you to the proper care.