The Deep South is famous for its hot and muggy summers. Once April and May arrive, the agreeable springtime weather quickly turns into some of the hottest temperatures found in the U.S.

People who live in states like Texas never completely grow accustomed to the blazing temperatures. Instead, they take refuge inside of their cool homes and businesses. By hiring professionals for inspection, maintenance and seasonal commercial AC repair Magnolia TX residents like you can survive any summer in the South and always have a cool and comfortable home or business in which to take refuge.

Inspection and Cleanup

Before you switch on the air conditioner for the summer, you may want to have the entire unit inspected and cleaned first. After sitting dormant all winter, the unit might have collected leaves, dirt, dust, and other debris that now clogs the motor. If you turn it on without cleaning it, you could quickly clog up the hoses and vents and also cause a fire to break out inside or outside of the home.

Technicians trained in inspection and cleaning services can come to your location and look over the unit to determine what maintenance might be required to keep it safe and running all summer. They can change the filter, tighten hoses, replace loose valves, and spray off the dirt and debris from the outside casing. You can then turn on the unit knowing that it will work as it should all summer long.

The hot summer weather puts your unit to the test even on the mildest of days, however. The entire system may freeze up and stop blowing out cold air. Rather than spend hours with a blow dryer trying to thaw out the under side of the indoor unit, you can call professionals who can thaw out the hoses and also replace the lost Freon.

After the summer comes to an end, you can put the unit to rest over the winter by having it inspected one more time and serviced as needed. Simple tasks like tightening hoses or putting in a new filter can get the unit ready to run again when hot summer weather arrives next year.

The Texas heat puts a strain on your AC unit. You can keep it running by entrusting its care and upkeep to professionals trained to repair, maintain, and service these systems.