Parents always know how to surprise their little ones. They know what’s best for their children. It always gives so much joy to design your kid’s bedroom, play areas or be it planning exciting themes for bathrooms. Nowadays, interior designing has so much to offer. You can mix and match between new themes and shades of colors which will be a treat to your kids eyes, portraying a colorful display.

The beautiful thing about designing is its not limited, that is you can extent it by experimenting with variety of extraordinary stuffs and multiple themes. Every different shade will look great if it is coordinated with bright colors and accessories. According to, a realty located in West Vancouver, a family area with an average of 2 kids per adult is something which is most common out there. Below mentioned ideas will not only help you in designing your kid’s bathroom but also assist you in accessorizing teenage bathroom sets.

Are you looking for creative and unique Kid’s bathroom ideas?

Well you really want be as creative as possible while choosing the best theme for your child’s bathroom. Do not compromise with your kids taste but do keep in mind that the décor you are going to choose will definitely brighten up the house. Kid bathroom decorationis an exciting thing to do especially when you love to renovate or modernize your home.

It doesn’t matter if your bathroom is small or excessively large; there are some of the best contractors or companies that will provide variety of products from tiles to cabinets, appliances and luxurious floorings that will help you to choose the perfect décor for your bathroom. They even hire designers to personalize your kid’s bathroom.

Choose a bathroom theme based on your child’s interests:

Let’s go through some unique Bathroom themes and decors that your kids are going to simply love:-

A contemporary bathroom designed with fresh neon colors that will give a sense of airy appeal. You can even go with the matching colored tiles to go along with the neon hues. Accessorize the bathroom amenities based on the color combination.

An elegantly designed bathroom particularly for the kids who are in love with nautical theme and the walls plus the accessories should go along with the themed setting.

You can simply choose from one of the fun themes like the trendy yellow colored rubber duck design. When you choose a theme like this your kid’s bathroom will be a fun filled place with rubber duck designing all around.

A classy kid’s bathroom will add freshness especially to the dull walls and give a tinch of brightness to make the entire place look alive when the kids steps inside the bathroom in the early morning.

Girls love pink shades so design your kid’s bathroom with a pink themed beautiful setting. Pink and white hues are best coordinated. Upgrade with a dazzling mirror that will go along with this theme. This extraordinary bathroom décor for girls is a splendid display for every bathroom.

Wall art are so in trend these days. Choose a beautiful wall art that will go along with the purple themed bathroom, designed elegantly with attractive patterns and bright shades.

Brainstorming your theme:

After the providers have shown you with all the list of extraordinary themes that you can upgrade in your kids’ bathroom, it’s your turn to choose that perfect setting and finalize one beautiful theme among them keeping in mind the patterns and colors that will combine beautifully in the bathroom. See all the bathroom themes carefully and mentally construct an image of how this particular theme might look in your kid’s bathroom.

There are different varieties of themes, like for the boy and girl bathroom it is different from the ones that are only for girls or only for boys. You need to focus on that plus on your little one’s preferences. The actual work starts when you have finished finalizing the theme that you thought would be perfect for the bathroom.

Buy a kids bathroom set – rug set, accessory set, vanity set:

Now the next task is to buy rug sets plus different accessories based on the bathroom themes. Children’s bathroom accessories are also the main feature that will help you in building the bathroom more friendly and personalized. Kids love fun accessories that they can play with or are fun to watch, especially the ones matching with the themes. Beautifully designed mirrors are also one of the important girl’s bathroom accessories as they love to see their reflection all the time. Styling is not an easy task; it requires giving attention even to tiny details that will make a huge difference.

Vanity sets and rug sets play a big role in creating the perfect ambience in your luxurious bathrooms:

Choose black vanity with neutral hues all around and marble tops accompanied with rectangular sinks will be the perfect vanity set for any bathroom. Do not forget to buy cotton rug sets as they dry quickly and are absorbent.

If your kid’s bathroom is designed in a retro themed setting then white and black vanity sets designed with colored pops of golden hues is the most perfect choice you can afford to make. White cotton rugs will suitably go with these vanity sets.

Wooden vanity sets in dark colors will go along perfectly with traditional and eclectic themes. An Egyptian beige cotton rug set will compliment it to another level as they are soft and more absorbent.

The Rustic wooden trendy vanity sets are topping the charts nowadays. The dark colored wooden vanity with irregular shaped stone sinks and granite countertops is a best choice you can make. Style it with a deep-brown shade of soft cotton rug set or rugs made from chenille.

The modern vanities offer spacious cabinets and open shelves where your child can keep neatly folded white towels and all their fancy bath products.You can buy large beige baskets that go for every bathroom to keep the handy things and flower vases where you can keep fresh flowers everyday. These are the different kid’s bathroom accessory sets important for buying.

Bathroom tile ideas:

Tiles adds beauty and charm to your bathrooms, it makes the bathroom look more elegant. River rocks, brick tiles and pebble tiles will give your bathroom a stylish and soothing look. No matter if it’s just a small section of the floor or cornering the shower space – pebble tiles will instantly glam up your bathroom.

You can match some sections of the bathing areas with both pebbled tiles and river rocks which will give it a contemporary visual along with a niche of Asian style and a tropical bathroom-like feel. The kid’s bathroom wall décor should go perfectly along with the tiles and its color shades.

Bathroom Accessories for kids, bath toys, for girls and for boys:

Children’s bathroom accessories include so many sophisticated things that need to be taken care of:-

Step stool is an important necessity that also adds as a stylish element in the bathroom. They will help your kids reach the wash-basin safely. Buy some colored stools that match with the décor perfectly.

Select a shower curtain that is filled with fun designs and patterns that your kids are going to love when they take a shower.

You can get creative wall hooks like different funny smileys that the kids will love having in their bathrooms.

Do buy bath toys like yellow-colored rubber ducks that can be kept near sinks or just made to float in the bath tubs so that the kids have a fun bathing session.

Girls love to play with dolls, so you can actually make an open cabinet in the vanity where they can keep the dolls and all the beauty products.

Go through all the points listed above to build a personalized bathroom that the children will enjoy having at their home, you can always customize things according to your kid’s interest and can play with wonderful themes along with all the necessary kid’s bathroom accessory sets.