Kitchens are more than just stunning cabinetries and gorgeous backsplash. Kitchen is a place where happiness awaits, the place which serves you delicacies sautéed in love and garnished with care. When planning a home of your own, or thinking of remodeling your kitchen, there are few tips which you must integrate it with, to bring alive some joyous spirit in it. Alike all other nooks and corners of your house, even your kitchen deserves to sparkle and dazzle, given the amount of time you spend in it.

Here Are Few Fail-Proof Kitchen Remodeling Tips to Give up Your Home Décor:

Cut Down Wasted Steps

Think about all the possible ways as to where and how you use the kitchen essentials. Store the bowls and breakfast foods near the breakfast table. Try keeping all the plastic containers and wraps in a convenient spot near your preferable work surface to keep all the leftovers wrapped. Locate the flatware and dishwashers near the dishwasher to make the unloading process easier.

Adorn the Wide Walkways

Make the pathways all across the kitchen is minimum -36 inches wide. However, the pathways in between the cooking zones must be at least 42 inches wide for one kitchen and 48 inches wide for tow cook kitchen. When remodeling, ensure you adjust the peninsulas and islands accordingly.

Look out for the Perfect Height for the Microwave

The best location and height for a microwave depends solely on the parameters of kid-friendliness required in the kitchen and the chef. In the case of adults, the best microwave height is 15 inches above the countertop level whereas, for kids, the below countertop setup is more suitable and is preferably safer.

Stay Away from Corners

To make the appliance doors and cabinet fully functional, plan space for the swing direction and door’s clearance in your kitchen design. Try keeping the appliances away from the corners and ensure the doors don’t bang against each other of opening at the same time.

Determine the Functionality of the Islands

Form follows function when it comes to the kitchen islands. If you wish to eat and cook on your kitchen islands, plan sufficient space so that the cook top is safely parted from the dining space.

Plan the Landing Area

Keep in mind to allow some 15 inches of countertop on both sides of the refrigerator and countertop. Landing space is also quite important near the microwave.

Determine the Countertops

The ones cooking frequently would need more of the counter space. Mostly between the sink and the range, than those who cook seldom or who prepare simple and hassle free meals. Introducing two countertop heights would give way for easy baking and allow kids who enjoy meal preparation.

Be Witty When Storing Knives

Always have a specific spot for storing knives. This makes it easy to find the appropriate knife for a job and also keeps the risky items out of children’s reach. A knife drawer would be great in holding and storing knives besides sheathing the sharp blades.

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