You tend to think of n number of reasons and factors that bring about a negative impact on your daily sleep like your partner snoring, bedroom temperature, using electronics on bed etc. But, how often does it strikes you mind that you are missing out on the biggest probable factor i.e. the bed mattress? The age, composition and present condition of the mattress are deciding factors of whether you are going to get a peaceful sleep at night that will make you ready to begin a new day with freshness.

Before plunging into the discussion of the different types of mattresses available in the market, you must fist know when to decide on buying a new bed mate and break up with the old one. A single mattress ideally gives its best performance for 7 years from the date of purchase. Post this time frame you need to keep a check on the quality of sleep that you get because the sleep quality usually declines as a result of the mattress aging. Apart from failing to giving you a good night’s sleep, it may also become the reason for different kinds of pain related ailments like, back and joint pains.

Out in search for a new mattress!

Once you’ve decided to replace the old mattress and start looking for new mattress options you might get confused with the different types that are available in the market these days. Thus, you must always look up Mattress Reviews of different brands and models of mattresses. One brand which has gained superb popularity in the past few years is Nectar. To understand about the mattresses manufactured by this brand you can look into the Nectar Sleep Mattress Reviews available online in both written and video formats.


This ranks as the traditional and old-school but one of the most popular in terms of modern mattress designs. You can find Reviews for the same as well. The innerspring mattress is constructed with the use of different kinds of steel coil support system. They are highly durable. Today, innerspring mattresses have become improved and much better with the incorporation of the latest technology and advanced mattress material.


The memory foam mattress ranks highest on the popularity chart of the present age. It is so because of its uniquely developed structure with the latest technologies. This mattress is the most recommended by doctors for its health benefits as it completely contours the body (as it is visco-elastic) and has pressure relieving benefits. Other benefits include reduce in back and joint pains. Sleeping on this mattress has noticeable reduced restlessness in the middle of the night’s sleep as said in many online Mattress customer reviews. To know more about memory foam mattresses check the Nectar Sleep Mattress Reviews.


In the upholstery layers the latex mattress builds a support system with latex foam that can either be made from petroleum or plan-based materials.


The very name denotes that it’s a combination mattress comprising of the coil support system along with one or more kinds of foam material.