Every house owner wants to have a beautiful garden in which he can spend free time or just enjoy the view from his living room. It is supposed to be our private oasis where we can read a book, play with our pet or have a breakfast in natural surroundings.

These few trends may expand your imagination and give you an idea how you can arrange your garden in your own taste. You can find out more about landscape design and learn something new about your taste.

Upcycled Planters

There are many ways to make a plant pot and as the sustainable architecture and design are on its pitch at moment, garden accessories made from the upcycled item are a trend. You can use an old tire or even a rubber boot if you are the more artistic person, fill it with soil and gravel and put a plant in it.

You can spray it with favorite color to make it a statement piece. If you are a more conservative type, a great idea for a DIY planet is to make it out of used or cracked bricks and cement. If you are eager to put a little more effort in it, it can look like an amazing mosaic planter.

A Dramatic Sunken Fire Pit Area

If you want to have an extraordinary fireplace area best way to do that is by making it in a lower level, so when you sit in there, you feel cozy and it gives you more intimacy. A pit with sitings around a fireplace can be surrounded by trees and plants, so you can really feel like in a forest since all that your eyes can catch are leaves and branches. There are many types of fire pits you can use for your garden.

If you are the one of those with a deeper pocket a dramatic Fire Pit Area sunken in the middle of a pool is a better solution for you. It would be a unique entertainment place.

Containerized water gardens

 If you don’t have enough space or money for real pool or garden lake a great alternative is the containerized water with plants.

Aquatic patio pond has all the natural beauty of real stone with the added durability of fiberglass. When you fill the container with water, you should clean it from leftover debris from the manufacturing process. Also, use a water conditioner before adding fish or plants. When you are looking to add fish, it will be smart to add a water garden filter.

Read more about this here: https://www.hobbyfarms.com/build-patio-water-garden-container/

The size of these ponds allows us to add some decoration to it. You can also install some underwater LED lights, so you can enjoy your water feature into the evening hours. When adding plants, use plant soil, and fertilizer. Many people recommend water Lili for this kind of ponds.

Terra Cotta Fountain

Create something on your own and make a beautiful Terra Cotta fountain. It’s quite easy to make! To make this, you will need: a fifteen (or more) inch terra cotta saucer, a seven-inch saucer, a eight-inch saucer, three five-inch saucers, and two flower pots, a seven-inch, and a five-inch one. You will also need a plastic tubing to fit the pump’s outlet, fountain pump, clear spray sealer, silicone sealer, a round file and a drill. The water should slide from one to another saucer.

 One of the pots should be used as the pillar and other as decoration. After installing the fountain, you can finish it with decorative rocks, gravel, potted plants, or anything else, just use your imagination. Read more about it here.

This fountain will enable you to enjoy the sound of trickling water, and it will provide great view either on a table top or in a corner of your garden.

You need know what you budget is before making any decisions about landscape decoration you are about to make. Some of these can cost a little bit much, but when we consider how it will affect our life outside work, it’s worth it. Design is all about your personal desires and todays trends. Combining these two, you will have everything you need.