The Liquid Crystal Display- LCD as the name suggests is one of the most innovative technology in the revolution of Television.  The Light Emitting Diode i.e. the LED, it’s the lighting which results in a sharper picture and more energy efficiency by using at least 40% lesser electricity than the usual LCD TVs. The LED backlighting system assures no delay and warm up time, these are thinner than the regular LCD and plasma TV. It is said that the LED TVs are the best of the technology combined together, as these have features of better contrast and brightness.

The LED TVs illumination is of two kinds

  • Edge lit – these are the ones that use LEDs just around the periphery of the screen. This is less expensive and thinner. The manufacturer also uses light diffuser to overcome uneven lighting effect.
  • Full array – this is which is used all across the back screen. It gives very good experience with even lighting effect and these TVs cost a bit higher than others.

To decide that which LED TV is right for a person is really a matter of budget and personal preference. The LED lit TV technology offer

  • a sharper picture
  • use less electricity
  • are thinner
  • Require lesser warm up time than the conventional LCD and plasma TVs.

However, there are some disadvantages of LED too. The downside of the LED TVs is that currently they cost twice as much as the standard LCD or plasma sets. A 32 inch led tv price as compared to regular TV would be more. There is a tough competition in the television market with so many budding non branded products in the market. The competition has brought down the tv price as it is difficult for buyer to understand what difference would there be in each product when warranty offered is same. Another benefit is that even the 40 inch led tv can now be bought online. Every detail of multiple brands can be checked and compared before finalizing the best option.

The convenience to buy tv online cannot be denied. One doesn’t need to step out of the comfort zone, check all the details regarding the TV that is shortlisted to be bought and just buy at the click of button. The online portals give additional benefit:

  • Cheaper than showroom prices as the product is direct from manufacturer and so no added showroom expense
  • They offer manufacturer warranty plus the online portal warranty
  • Free door delivery
  • Installation is free
  • Great exchange offers
  • Return policy is there in case of defects, this is one great advantage which one doesn’t get from regular vendors.

The led tv price 24 inch has come down tremendously; the televisions are cheaper than the smart phones these days. It is very affordable and can be bought by everyone. In fact it is an affordable luxury as entertainment is required by all those who work hard during the day, they need to relax and unwind with some entertainment. Visit an online shopping interface and check out affordable options available in some of the best brands.